Beef Pasta Bolognese Crock Pot Instructions

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Slow cooked Beef Bolognese is a classic Italian favorite. The rich marinara sauce is loaded with chopped tomatoes, garlic, Italian spices and chunks of tender beef. Combined with our penne pasta, this is a hearty, fuss free Dream Dinner you can serve time and time again.

The best way to cook this dinner is in your crock pot slow and low, 8 – 10 hours on low and come home to the house smelling of wonderful garlic, tomatoes and tender meat.

Simply, add the meat and sauce to the crock pot and set to desired temperature. You could even add  more liquid (water, beef stock or wine) so there is 1 inch of liquid in the bottom of the crock pot if you are going to be gone for more than 8 hours. Then, 15 minutes prior to serving, add the pre-cooked pasta to the crock pot and mix together with the meat and sauce allowing it to get hot. Enjoy!


Crock Pot Temperatures: You should check you crock pot during cooking to verify the cooking temperatures. Low setting should cook foods in 4 hours to 160 – 180 degrees.  High should cook the food to 160 – 200 in 3 hours. Not all crock pots cook at those even temperatures and knowing your crock pot temp will help you adjust your cooking times and settings.

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