National Cocoa Day (December 13, 2014)


Though the weather outside is frightful, curling up with a cup of hot cocoa can make your day so more delightful. Especially when today is National Cocoa Day!

The difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate is that hot chocolate is made with melted chocolate and hot cocoa is made with cocoa powder. To make the perfect cup of microwavable hot cocoa, combine a heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder with two heaping teaspoons of sugar and a dash of salt in a mug. Add two teaspoons of cold milk and stir until smooth, then fill the cup with milk and microwave on high for a minute or until hot.

The great thing about hot cocoa is the endless variety of flavor combinations.


National S’mores Day

August 10th is National S’mores Day, so consider this your excuse to celebrate the last few weeks of summer with a classic campfire treat. Go for the traditional graham cracker, milk chocolate, and marshmallow combo or try something new by substituting in a favorite candy bar for the chocolate or adding fresh fruit slices.

We also love these ideas:


Grilling the perfect burgers & steaks

We get a number of cooking questions on how to make grilling more successful, so we wanted to provide a few quick tips:

For the perfect burger:

  • Did you know? It’s best to form your patty with an indent in the middle, causing the middle to be thinner. That way, when you cook it, it stays the same thickness.
  • Also, after you’ve formed your burgers, place them back in the fridge for a few minutes to cool the beef. This helps your burgers stay together so they don’t break apart on the grill!

For the perfect steak:

  • Let them stand for 20-30 minutes to bring it to room temperature before you cook (this allows the middle to cook without burning the outside).


Summertime Grill Cleaning Tips

So all that summertime grillin’ and chillin’ by the barbeque has left your outdoor grill a bit grimy? No worries. Our seasoned chef, catering guru and co-founder of Dream Dinners, Stephanie Allen, offers these easy steps to cleaning your barbeque before each use.

“Our family loves to cook outside, so this is important to do and keeps the grill safe between big cleanings.”
– Stephanie


  • Turn the heat on high, leave the lid closed for 5 minutes.
  • Take a 12-14 inch piece of aluminum foil and make a loose ball, baseball size.
  • Turn off the heat, and after the grill has cooled a bit, but while it’s still warm, rub the grate with the aluminum foil ball to clean.
  • Follow with a warm watery and soapy paper towel. Wipe the walls too.
  • Empty cabinet or trays at the bottom of any ash or debris.

Tailgating with Dream Dinners


On-the-go-moms need on-the-go meals.  Watch this video!

You may know how it feels… the school-sport-music-church midweek shuffle between activities that leaves a home-cooked meal by the wayside. Many folks may pick it up at a drive-thru, roadside. But remember that Dream Dinners was started when two soccer moms faced that same problem. They were time starved and struggling to get a healthy home-made dinner on the table on those busy nights.


How to Toast a Perfect Tortilla


A lot of Dream Dinners use tortillas. Some of us put them in the oven but we are not always sure how long it will take and putting them in the microwave is where they can get chewy and rubbery. We are going to show you a really easy way to toast them!


Spitfire Beef Roast In The Crock Pot

Spitfire Beef RoastIf you would like to cook your Spitfire Beef Roast from frozen using your crock pot .. it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Get all the seasonings out of the bag!


You know how you pour out the seasonings from the quart size bags and sometimes, a bit of it sticks to the sides?  Co-founder Stephanie Allen is brilliant at providing the simplest little tip that gives you the biggest bang of flavor.


Saucy Tips for Dream Dinners Cooking


Sometimes it is hard to get all of the sauce out of your sealed bag. Especially if the sauce is less fluid. Here is a great way to get all of the sauce out.


One Pan Wonders in Your Baking Dish


Ever wanted to serve your Dream Dinners pan meal in something prettier than the foil pan you made it in? It can be easy to do if you follow these steps.

  • Spray your rectangular baking pan
  • Peel the foil pan away from the frozen dinner.
  • Insert the dinner right into your baking dish.
  • Bake as directed.
  • Serve beautifully!