Get your Family Prepared for Back to School!

Parenting & Kids | August 21, 2013 | By

Back to schoolHeading back to school involves more than just buying new pencils and shoes. This August, get your whole family prepared for the demands of the new school year.

–  Reading throughout the summer keeps children’s minds sharp even when they’re not in school. Make a weekly trip to the library to get your kids excited about reading. Check out this article from Parenting for the best books to read with your kids.

–  Get into a school routine at least two weeks before the first day back. Follow these tips for readjusting your child’s sleep schedule before school begins. Help your kids establish a homework routine during the summer by setting aside time each afternoon for reading, working on an activity book, or any other brain-sharpening activity.

–  Organize your family calendar so the whole family knows what to expect when the school year starts (afterschool activities, bus schedules, family plans, etc.).

–  Create a positive attitude about the new school year by talking to your kids about meeting their new teacher, seeing all their friends, their favorite subject and new afterschool activities.

–  Help your kids set personal goals for the new school year, from turning all their homework in on time to speaking up more in class.

– Clear out last year’s clutter from your child’s desk and backpack. Sanitize your child’s lunchbox.

– Stock up on your favorite Dream Dinners to make family meals easier as everyone’s schedules get busier.

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