Holiday Cookies to Share with Family and Friends


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This time of year, baking cookies is a tradition appreciated by so many moms, and sharing with loved ones makes the experience that much sweeter.

Whether you enjoy serving Christmas cookies to your family, like surprising friends with a plateful delivered to their door, participate in an annual exchange with other moms, or are a hostess with a passion for entertaining, these sugary treats bring a smile to everyone’s face. What a delicious way to express your love and care for others!

Here at Dream Dinners, we like getting an early start – maybe you do, too. Begin baking now, and you’ll not only have more time to indulge in your favorite holiday cookies, you can freeze plenty to enjoy later on.

Why not kick off with a classic gingerbread recipe? Let the merriment begin!

Gingerbread Kids

Let the kids roll up their sleeves and help – nothing’s says “Christmas is coming” than a Saturday spent baking and frosting fragrant gingerbread cutouts.

Recipe: Family Fun

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