May is National BBQ Month

Grill House Steaks

Grill House Steaks

Summer is around the corner which means it’s time to fire up the barbecue! Several items on the May menu are perfect for the grill!

  • Sonoma Grill Steaks. Kid friendly for family dinners and has been a long time customer favorite.
  • Gorgonzola Cheese Burgers. Great for the backyard grill, party or picnic by the beach. These are perfect for a cabin getaway too. And, they are now served with Parmesan Garlic Steak Fries! Continue reading

April is Stress Awareness Month

You may have heard of national cancer awareness, heart health awareness, or a myriad of months dedicated to helping draw attention to a public health concern. Stress Awareness Month is no different. It is a national effort aimed at informing people about the dangers of stress, successful coping strategies, and harmful misconceptions that are prevalent in our society.

For a snapshot, go to the official website at Check out the free downloadable short guides on how to manage stress.

For dinner hour stress, that’s something we can help with! Each month, our team works hard to bring you real solutions, no matter if you have a picky little eater, a big athlete in the family or a simple shortage of time and new ideas. Continue reading

Start a Family Game Night

family-scrabble-boardFamily game night is a great way to connect. Playing games as a family teaches kids teamwork, honesty and patience. Here are a couple of ways you can spend the evening together.

Unplugged Game Night
First, turn off the TV, cell phones, tablets and devices. If it is dinner time, try playing games with conversation starters. Get the kids using their imaginations, think through their answers and learn something about each other. This April, we are giving away a set of 6 conversation starter napkins with our Family Pizza Night dinner.

After dinner, pull out a board game. Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue are a few classics that have encouraged many generations to use brain power in the name of fun and all 3 come in a variety of themes to choose from. Continue reading

Recipes for Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs

Dream Dinners has been noted as a great idea for busy moms in Real Simple magazine, and they know that you are likely going to need some ideas on what to do with all those hard boiled eggs after the your big Easter Egg hunt.

Well, from awesome deviled egg recipes, to the unusual breakfast style pizza on a muffin, this list of ten ideas delivers healthy ideas so that nothing goes to waste. Now that’s egg-xtra efficient!

View the recipes on >


Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter EggsEgg-ceptionally simple and inexpensive to do! We’ve found the coolest egg designs sure to make your centerpiece or Easter Egg Hunt look great.

Thread Wrapped Easter Egg by Martha Stewart
Takes a super simple, contemporary approach that leaves you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Just a little thread brings an organic décor to your egg. Get the directions >

Eggheads from
This project will need a little more time, but the supplies you can find around the house and most yards. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun

Here are four ideas for a four leaf clover kind of St. Patrick’s Day that could make your kids friends green with envy.

Cattleman's PieFirst: Dinner.
A great idea from the February menu if you bought it, is the Cattleman’s Pie which is really like a Shepherd’s Pie and would make a hearty dinner for all your leprechan’s in the family.

Second: Dinnertime conversation.
Get super fun with a little help from a book we found on Amazon that is sure to get chuckles at the table all week long. This little inexpensive book is called St. Patrick’s Coffee Table Quotes and is only 7.99. Continue reading

Women’s Living the Dream Ride

living-the-dream-rideLike to Cycle? Ride the Women’s Living the Dream Ride Mother’s Day Weekend! This is an awesome way to spend part of your Mother’s Day weekend – on the road with the wind whipping thru your hair as you wind thru flat, beautiful country roads in the only women’s cycling event to provide this kind of bling at the finish line. The prize for you doing your personal best is… well from a store known to supply the best wrapped in Tiffany blue boxes.

Choose the 18, 24, 36, or 62 mile routes in this road tour where the celebration of all things girls love starts Friday night at the Wine, Sip, Shop, Hop Pre-party. Packet pick-up will be held with this sunset wine tasting featuring Washington State’s local wineries as you hop between Norman Rockwell style antique shops and bakeries in the historic town of Snohomish.

Good luck and we hope to see you on the road with us May 12th! Registration ends April 10th. For more information and to register to ride visit now.

Win a free entry!
Visit the Women’s Living the Dream Ride Facebook page between March 1st and 25, 2013, Continue reading

Spitfire Beef Roast In The Crock Pot

Spitfire Beef RoastIf you would like to cook your Spitfire Beef Roast from frozen using your crock pot .. it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Add beef roast with marinade and enough water to have 1″ of liquid in the crock pot.
  2. Blend horseradish mixture and rub evenly over top of roast.
  3. Cook on low for 8-10 hours (internal temp. 145°F). Let rest 15-20 minutes before slicing (cover with foil to keep warm).

Heat and serve with mashed potatoes provided. Enjoy!

FREE Gift with Family Pizza Night is something to talk about…

Family Pizza NightDon’t you hate those one-word answers from teens when you’re really trying, and perhaps fumbling to start a conversation? If you ask them, “Did you have a nice day?” and you feel lucky to get one word, “Yes.” or “No.” Well, you’re not alone. It sounds like you have a perfectly normal teenager. But connecting is important and sometimes a little different approach to a conversation starter can open the gates of dinnertime conversation. So here’s a way to lighten up and have fun at the table.
Continue reading

National Frozen Food Day!

Arroz Con PolloWho knew? While National Frozen Food Day is probably not a holiday marked on your calendar, there is plenty to celebrate when you’re a Dream Dinners customer. Because, in the course of your session, you have harnessed the power of freezing freshness without the preservatives, high sodium and fat in those old fashioned TV dinners.

Today, as the nation’s leader in the meal assembly business, we pride ourselves on being the best in the fix and freeze dinner business. We’re proud of the same kinds of dinners that make most mom’s proud because our company was founded by two busy moms. That pride is based on knowing that you made something with your own hands and put it on the table for your loved ones to eat. Continue reading

Lovin’ Your Private Taste Event

If you ever wanted to grab a few friends to drop into Dream Dinners with you, this is the way to do it!

Since the first “get together” at our Dream Dinners founders’ homes, friends have called more friends. The concept just exploded from there. Busy moms loved it! We’ve just debuted our new private, $24.99, Dream Taste event which gives you the ability to invite your friends to a little get together of your own and let each guest take home (9) servings for only $24.99. That’s a 50-dollar value. Continue reading

The Family Oscar Goes To…

If your family loves on screen entertainment than this idea could spark a new tradition in your home. The Academy Awards is a big night for Hollywood stars, walking the red carpet in the latest fashion, interviews of their anticipation and predictions of who will win and of course our favorite part is guessing who we think should win.

Make it a fun for the whole family:

  • Make a Dream Dinners pan meal or order some take-out, break open a bottle of sparkling cider, and spread a blanket on your family room floor to eat dinner “picnic” style. Continue reading

Take a tray and make a way to say…

We love centerpieces you can pull together with simple things found around your house or inexpensively. We found a gorgeous way to make an arrangement with any tray in your cupboard. Just grab a couple of votive candles, a vase and a few roses from the grocery store or your garden. Great for Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, in your bathroom, living room and more. Continue reading

A Heart Healthy February

Mandarin Flank SteakFebruary is American Heart Health Month. Staying heart healthy can be challenging with all of the high calorie, high fat and salty foods readily available as mealtime solutions for you and your family. This month we have 7 heart healthy* dinners and 4 of those can be served in 30 minutes or less. Continue reading