Pesto and Red Pepper Torte


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This recipe comes from our cookbook and makes a great appetizer!

Pesto & Red Pepper Torte
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  1. 2 Cups   Butter
  2. 2 Cups   Nonfat Cream Cheese
  3. ¼ Cup   Store bought Basil Lemon Pesto
  4. ¼ Cup   Store bought Red Pepper OR Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Sauce
  5. 2 TBSP   Chopped Fresh Parsley
  6. and/or
  7. ¼ Cup   Toasted Pine Nuts
  1. Line one 4-Cup bowl with Cheesecloth, leaving 4 inches hanging over the edge of the bowl.
  2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter & cream cheese with an electric mixer.
  3. Spoon ½ Cup of the mixture into each bowl (from step1).
  4. Level & smooth the mixture with rubber spatula.
  5. Spread 2 TBSP of basil pesto evenly over each mixture.
  6. Spoon ½ cup of cream cheese mixture over the basil pesto and smooth with spatula.
  7. Spread 2 TBSP of red pesto over cream cheese mixture.
  8. Repeat with remaining cream cheese & pestos, alternating green & red pestos, ending with the cream cheese mixture.
  9. Depending on the size of the bowl, there will be 2 to 4 layers.
  10. Bring the edges of the cheesecloth over the top layer & wrap tightly wih foil.
  11. Refrigerate overnight.
  12. Peel away cheesecloth & invert contents onto serving platter.
  13. Garnish with parsley and/or pine nuts.
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