National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day


Recipe Remixes | November 15, 2013 | By

Did you know there’s a day devoted to cleaning out your refrigerator? As silly as it seems, this observation of fridge cleaning actually comes at just the right time. Your spring cleaning is long over and the fridge could probably use another go to make room for all the Thanksgiving provisions and leftovers that will soon be taking up space.

To help you clear your fridge, we’ve got some ideas for using up your Dream Dinners leftovers that will have your mouth watering more than just reheated last night’s dinner:

Meatloaf Milano with Mashed Potatoes:  A slice of cold meatloaf is great as a sandwich layered on a toasted potato roll with a slice of sharp cheddar and a few bread and butter pickles. Top with crispy onions, such as French’s French Fried Onions to add a little crunch. 


Alternative Sandwich Ideas


Recipe Remixes | December 18, 2012 | By

Have some leftovers or want to change up the serving suggestion on a few of your January Dream dinners? Here are a few ideas you can use at dinner or for lunch!

  • Kentucky Pork Chops – These also make delicious sandwiches served cold. A little sweet, spicy mustard and a slice of tomato on a bun or roll of your choice and you have an easy, delicious alternative.
  • Meatloaf Milano – A slice of cold meatloaf is great on a sandwich and cold mashed potatoes formed into pancake size patties are wonderful pan fried like hash browns for breakfast.


It’s Halftime!

Entertaining | October 25, 2012 | By

Make your next gathering of friends and family to watch the game memorable. We have several dinners that double as great football solutions that will have them cheering and you on the couch watching with them.

Everyone will be at your house to watch the game, so order more than one!

Buffalo Ranch Chicken – These make the best chicken burgers! Just toast some hamburger buns to serve them on. Pair it with some BBQ potato chips and watermelon. A healthier and more filling alternative to “wings”.

Chicken and White Bean Chili with Corn Fritters – Great crock pot recipe from frozen. A meal you can


Crispy French Onion Fingerling Fun!


Recipe Remixes | October 23, 2012 | By

This entrée is a customer favorite, but thinking outside of the “dinner box”, it’s a Dream Dinner that is really great as a kid friendly finger food.  Simply slicing the chicken breasts into fingerlings and coating them the same way and cooking till their done makes for a yummy “hands on” dinner for little ones or for entertaining too.