October #DinnerEffect


At Dream Dinners, our mission is to grow great kids by promoting the family dinner. We are working continuously to strengthen American families by bringing the homemade meal back to the dinner table. For more than a decade, we have work to change the lives of our guests with our Homemade, Made Easy offerings. 

Throughout the years we have heard many stories of sadness and hardship, but we continue to hear stories of joy, triumph and reasons to be thankful.


Kim A. — Plainville, MA ( October #DinnerEffect Winner)


Dream Dinners saved my family. Year 2013-our condo was for sale-in search of a house, we had great jobs, two kids under the age of three and expecting number three! That all started to change one random winter morning when our second son starting having seizures — soon being diagnosed with Atypical Uncontrolled Epilepsy; a horrific condition that keeps you in fear every minute of every day. In addition, we learned that we would be losing our unborn little girl due to complications. Our lives were turned upside down. Too many days off from work, too many hopeless doctors appointments, too many lengthy hospital stays. EVERYONE in our house was being affected right down to the core. We were falling apart-mentally and physically. This is where we are forever grateful for good friends!


Hershey Spa Sweepstakes Pendant Winner

Our Company | August 9, 2010 | By

Hershey Sweepstakes 2nd Place Winner
Dallas Lassen wins the
La Vien® Chocolate Diamond™ Pendant!

“The prize Pendant will provide the diamonds I have never had. When I met Sandy in 1988 I wanted to get her an engagement ring, but we were planning a new home in Florida and she said “just provide me a lot of book shelves in lieu of a diamond ring.” We will both love and share this wonderful prize from our sweepstaking adventure.”

“The smiles in our photograph reflect the joy in our marriage.”


Congratulations Dallas & Sandy.

Real Men Cook Contest Winner

Our Company | July 9, 2010 | By

And the winner is….. Grill Daddy!

Congratulations Michelle and Zac! Our Facebook fans loved your entry. We hope that you find some additional great grilling items on our menu with your winnings, so Zac can rock the grill with something more than hot dogs. Sorry we can’t help with the juice situation.

Thanks to all who entered and to all who voted! Have a fun and delicious summer out on the grill.

Here was Michelle’s entry for those who missed it: