Father and Daughter Have been Continuous Customers of Dream Dinners for 7 Years!

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November 2 will be our seventh anniversary as Dream Dinners customers. The unique part is we are a father and daughter team.  Until I retired from teaching, my father who was 87 at the time tried to have dinner started before I got home.  We were getting pretty tired of our small repertoire of entrees—meat loaf, spaghetti, stroganoff, Mexican chicken, and stuffed peppers.  My father has macular degeneration, and it was becoming very difficult for him to read recipes.

I had heard about Dream Dinners in the newspaper and on TV, but only discovered that there was one close to us in Parker, Colorado in 2005. After our first visit, we were hooked. We have only missed two months—April 2006 and July 2007 since then.  We made up for it by even going twice a month a couple of times. In July of 2008, we took Pulled BBQ Pork in a cooler packed in dry ice on the plane. My father celebrated his 90th birthday in Columbia Falls,Montana and we brought enough Pulled Pork to feed 50 people. What a hit that was!

My father often remarks that he has not had a Dream Dinners meal that he didn’t like.  He was getting a little too thin before Dream Dinners. At his age,


Dream Dinners Tri City Center to provide dinners for the family of slain bus driver

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The story began with Vitalia, ( A Dream Dinners customer and neighbor of Misty Kester), she wanted to do a fundraiser for her family.  A mutual friend, Kati, did a benefit concert and donate the proceeds, but wanted to do more. 


Kara Lee loses 161 pounds!

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“Everyone that I talk to, I talk to them about the fact that I do Dream Dinners and that it is a great way to monitor and lose weight. At my biggest weight, I was 311 pounds and I now weigh 148. Since I’ve started Dream Dinners I have lost 161 pounds, but the best part is not only have I changed physically, I have changed emotionally. I have so many things that I am able to do that I wasn’t able to do before, like ride bikes and playing with my kids, I feel great. It’s a wonderful feeling and I think it brings your spirits up, then you feel like you can do anything. I think I have more confidence and I feel so much healthier. I feel like when I get out of bed in the morning, I feel wonderful. Before I felt so tired and just dragging and now I feel like I have all of this energy and can do so many things. I am so much healthier and a big part of it has been Dream Dinners in my life…


A fantastic weight loss story from Janis Jones

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In June of 2007 I started Weight Watchers and then a month or so later I was invited to a sneak peak at the Poway Dream Dinners. My first question to Phil was if nutritional value was available and was thrilled to see that it was. I made my meal went home and enjoyed it. I got busy with everyday life and a few months later I finally ordered my meals once I reviewed the nutritional information and how it fit into my Weight Watchers Flex Plan.


Dream Dinners helps improve my family life

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“One of the things I like about Dream Dinners is how it has improved my family life. I come here with my husband, so that’s date night. We come over, prepare our meals then go and have dinner. And because he was involved in the preparation of the meal he is more likely to want to help me during the week. So, I definitely enjoy that. It was like you know in the movies, you always see that romantic scene where boy and girl are having a glass of wine and making the meal. Well, now I get that.”