Halloween Week Dinner Ideas


Need a little help with meal planning this week? We’ve planned a week of easy dinners perfect for busy nights that include, recipe remixes and festive Halloween-themed meals. Be sure to follow our Fall Favorites board on Pinterest for even more ideas.


Looking to add a bit of holiday flare and excitement to your dinner table? Spend your time outside the kitchen by serving up our Cheese Lover’s Manicotti. This delicious cook from frozen dish helps to keep dinnertime simple. We recommend spicing up your meal with these fun, tasty themed drinks for your family.


Keep Halloween full of excitement by remixing our Family Pizza Night.  Whether it is a pumpkin shaped pizza crust or toppings arranged in the shape of a spider, ghost or jack-o-lantern, enjoy fun family memories by having your kids create with food.


For a  quick and easy meal loaded with fall flavors your family will love, try our Autumn Pot Roast with Mashed Potatoes. This crockpot dinner is perfect for a busy evening filled with last minute Halloween preparations.  


Crispy French Onion Fingerling Fun!


Recipe Remixes | October 23, 2012 | By

This entrée is a customer favorite, but thinking outside of the “dinner box”, it’s a Dream Dinner that is really great as a kid friendly finger food.  Simply slicing the chicken breasts into fingerlings and coating them the same way and cooking till their done makes for a yummy “hands on” dinner for little ones or for entertaining too.