National Cocoa Day (December 13, 2014)


Though the weather outside is frightful, curling up with a cup of hot cocoa can make your day so more delightful. Especially when today is National Cocoa Day!

The difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate is that hot chocolate is made with melted chocolate and hot cocoa is made with cocoa powder. To make the perfect cup of microwavable hot cocoa, combine a heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder with two heaping teaspoons of sugar and a dash of salt in a mug. Add two teaspoons of cold milk and stir until smooth, then fill the cup with milk and microwave on high for a minute or until hot.

The great thing about hot cocoa is the endless variety of flavor combinations.


Dream Dinners Margarita Slush Recipe


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Margarita Slush
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  1. ¾ Cup Frozen Limeade Concentrate
  2. ¾ Cup Margarita Mix
  3. 1 (2) Liter Bottle of Club Soda
  4. 1 ½ Cups Tequila (or non alcoholic soda)
  5. 1  Lime, sliced
  1. Combine 1 cup of water with limeade concentrate, margarita mix, club soda and tequila (or non alcoholic soda) in a ½ gallon container with a tight lid.
  2. Shake to mix well.
  3. Freeze mixture overnight.
  4. Before serving, thaw for 1 hour until mixture is like slush.
  5. Pour into a pitcher and garnish with lime slices.
  6. Pour and Enjoy!
  1. Source: Dream Dinners Cookbook Pg, 27.
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