Family Stories Month

As soon as November rolls around, we begin to think about and look forward to Thanksgiving – the relatives we’ll see, the food we’ll eat, the football games and parades we’ll watch and the family traditions we’ll treasure. But what about the stories we’ll tell? No family gathering is complete without an embarrassing, laugh-out-loud funny or even heart-wrenching story. Every family has stories that define who they are, teach lessons and instill values. Sharing these stories with your kids may be the most important thing you can do for your family.

In honor of Family Stories Month, here are some ways you can start sharing your family’s history:


Dream Dinners helps improve my family life

Our Company | March 12, 2010 | By

“One of the things I like about Dream Dinners is how it has improved my family life. I come here with my husband, so that’s date night. We come over, prepare our meals then go and have dinner. And because he was involved in the preparation of the meal he is more likely to want to help me during the week. So, I definitely enjoy that. It was like you know in the movies, you always see that romantic scene where boy and girl are having a glass of wine and making the meal. Well, now I get that.”