Family Pizza and Game Night

Parenting & Kids | October 22, 2013 | By

family-scrabble-boardThis month, have a family pizza and game night to celebrate National Pizza Month. The Dream Dinners pizza kit comes with everything you need to easily assemble customized pizzas. Divide up the dough and let each person top their pizza however they please. Find some tips for baking your pizzas here.

As far as the games go, Susie Osborn, owner of the Clackamas, OR store, and her family love playing games together and they’ve ranked their top ten favorites for your family to try.

1) Settlers of Catan: This game was unanimously ranked as the whole family’s favorite game to play. They’ve been playing it for 13 years and it never gets old because it’s a different game every time and there are many modifications to mix it up.

2) Ticket to Ride: Europe: This is a great all-around game for a wide variety of ages. The Osborns play it with everyone from grandparents to the youngest cousins. It’s a quick and easy game to learn and can also be educational for young kids as they follow routes across a map of Europe, learning geography, counting, and strategy along the way.


Start a Family Game Night

family-scrabble-boardFamily game night is a great way to connect. Playing games as a family teaches kids teamwork, honesty and patience. Here are a couple of ways you can spend the evening together.

Unplugged Game Night
First, turn off the TV, cell phones, tablets and devices. If it is dinner time, try playing games with conversation starters. Get the kids using their imaginations, think through their answers and learn something about each other. This April, we are giving away a set of 6 conversation starter napkins with our Family Pizza Night dinner.

After dinner, pull out a board game. Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue are a few classics that have encouraged many generations to use brain power in the name of fun and all 3 come in a variety of themes to choose from.


The Family Oscar Goes To…

Family Dinner | February 12, 2013 | By

If your family loves on screen entertainment than this idea could spark a new tradition in your home. The Academy Awards is a big night for Hollywood stars, walking the red carpet in the latest fashion, interviews of their anticipation and predictions of who will win and of course our favorite part is guessing who we think should win.

Make it a fun for the whole family:

  • Make a Dream Dinners pan meal or order some take-out, break open a bottle of sparkling cider, and spread a blanket on your family room floor to eat dinner “picnic” style.