What Does your Food Speak?

potluck food partyPotlucks at my work are the best! From homemade tamales to quiche and fruit, we’ve got it covered. The dishes we share with each other hints of our heritage, hidden talents, and favorite indulgences.  Potlucks are hospitality ‘group style.’ They’re a chance to say, ‘You matter to me.’  Who knew food could speak so much? Well, it can, if you want it to.

What does food speak in your home?
This week, my husband went out of his way to bring home Wild Mountain Blackberry Cobbler from my favorite restaurant after my long fast from such delicacies! That spoke love. Yesterday, we all dug into the refrigerator for leftovers since our kitchen plumbing was torn up. That spoke, hum, real life.


Hosting ‘Hang-ups’ worth Bagging (Part 2)

If you want to host more often but never get around to it, see if these tips will help you overcome the most common hosting hurdles:

lawn-partyWe are limited on space
Overflow into your yard, deck, and even garage. (Crowds can be cozy)!

I don’t know what to do
You don’t have to provide entertainment since guests love to visit, but, if you like, link your meal with an activity: a football game or TV finale, cards or games, a crafty project (carving pumpkins/ making snowmen), or a playful competition.


Hosting ‘Hang-ups’ worth Bagging

What makes hosting challenging for you?
I have a friend who rarely hosts because she doesn’t think she’s a good cook, although, whenever I eat her cooking, it’s always great! Does having people over for dinner seem intimidating? We have lots of reasons that hold us back. We can be low on: time, funds, energy, space, experience, and confidence all of which can make hosting challenging.

False Beliefs
Our beliefs and expectations of ourselves affect whether we will host or not. For example, if I expect everything I serve must be made from scratch; I will never have enough time to prepare it. Or, if I believe my house isn’t nice enough then I’ve mistakenly believed that the environment I present to my friends is more important to them than our friendship.


Our Under-construction Christmas

Discover ‘True Hospitality’ and Never be Intimidated Again
What kind of friend are you: the one who hosts or the one who’s often the guest? Sometimes we let self-doubt, fears, intimidation, or an imperfect environment inhibit us from having people over. We can easily confuse the food and presentation with the art of hospitality.

When you’re a guest, what’s more important: Gourmet food or feeling welcome and included? A well decorated environment or feeling loved by your host who is so glad you came? You see, hospitality is how we make people feel when we have them in our home.

construction-christmas-2Our last Christmas gathering is one I’m sure my family will never forget. Not because it was ‘perfect,’