Making a Difference, No Matter How Small

In just one morning at a Mother’s of Preschoolers Group, I heard two real-life stories that begged me to ask myself, “How do I encourage people when their need hangs heavily on a scale – too much for me to resolve?” One mom was expecting to move to a new home in a week and a half when suddenly their arrangements fell through and they have no place for their young family of four to live. The other mom is raising two small kids while her husband is serving away in the military. She planned to visit him after 5 months of being apart and now they can’t afford it since she lost her job.

Real hardship and suffering are all around us. Often our own resources are not enough to help. Yet, doing nothing because we can’t do everything is no solution. We certainly don’t want to just pat people on the back and say, “It’s all good; you’ll get through it.”

On March 22nd, a massive landslide in Oso, a rural northwest Washington town,