Super Bowl Appetizers

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This year (2014), the Super Bowl will be on February 2nd so make sure to plan ahead with meals off the January menu that can easily be turned into game day appetizers. You’ll be able to spend less time focusing on food prep and more time enjoying the game! Try these great options.

Outlaw Chicken Sliders – A platter of these crispy, cheesy sliders are sure to be a fan favorite and take only 20 minutes to prepare.


Game Day Appetizers

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Whether your fall football plans involve watching the big game with family and friends at home or having your son’s teammates over for a team party, we have a number of recipes this month that will help make your planning easier.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed French Bread is the perfect party food to please a variety of people. Just slice it into thin pieces and use toothpicks to hold each section together.


Take Dream Dinners to Your Next Outdoor Event

From Portland’s Blues Festival to Central Park’s Summer Stage, communities all across the nation offer free outdoor events during the summer and August is the perfect month to take your family to an evening concert on the lawn or outdoor movie event. Shake up your regular summer routine and spend some quality time with your family by enjoying a warm evening outdoors, some new music or a favorite movie, and a picnic dinner.

Slow Cooked BBQ BeefOur Slow Cooked BBQ Beef with Rustic Country Rolls travels easily from your kitchen to the park. Just cook in a slow cooker, unplug, and take it with you. Then fix the sandwiches and serve with a salad while you are waiting for the entertainment to start.


It’s National Picnic Month with Dream Dinners

Outlaw Chicken SlidersOutdoors. Fresh air. Sunshine. It’s the perfect time to take the family for a walk or drive to your favorite picnic spot and enjoy the great outdoors… with great food, of course.  America has the most beautiful parks to serve as a backdrop for great family memories.  From the Golden Gate in San Francisco to New York’s Central Park, every corner of our nation offers green fields, spectacular views and sometimes even free park movies & summer concerts. Check out the nearest park at the official site for the National Park Service.

Which Dream Dinners travel easiest?


Tailgating with Dream Dinners


On-the-go-moms need on-the-go meals.  Watch this video!

You may know how it feels… the school-sport-music-church midweek shuffle between activities that leaves a home-cooked meal by the wayside. Many folks may pick it up at a drive-thru, roadside. But remember that Dream Dinners was started when two soccer moms faced that same problem. They were time starved and struggling to get a healthy home-made dinner on the table on those busy nights.


Alternative Sandwich Ideas


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Have some leftovers or want to change up the serving suggestion on a few of your January Dream dinners? Here are a few ideas you can use at dinner or for lunch!

  • Kentucky Pork Chops – These also make delicious sandwiches served cold. A little sweet, spicy mustard and a slice of tomato on a bun or roll of your choice and you have an easy, delicious alternative.
  • Meatloaf Milano – A slice of cold meatloaf is great on a sandwich and cold mashed potatoes formed into pancake size patties are wonderful pan fried like hash browns for breakfast.


Back to School Dinner Solutions


Back to School usually means busy nights start up again. Don’t let those additional responsibilities discourage you from getting a great meal on the table.

These dinners not only cook in under 30 minutes but travel well. Take them on a picnic or as dinner in the car to the next sporting event.

  • BBQ Chip Chicken Tenders
  • Central Park Garlic Chicken
  • Carne Asada Steak Tacos

These dinners work great in the crockpot.


Turkey, Apple, Brie Sandwiches


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Turkey, Green Apple and Brie Grilled Sandwiches with Honey Dijon spread
Serves 6
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  1. ¼ cup Dijon mustard
  2. ¼ cup honey
Set aside
  1. 12 slices Sourdough bread
  2. 2 large Granny Smith Apples
  3. 12 slices of roasted turkey
  4. 12 oz Brie Cheese
  1. Open 6 slices of sourdough bread, spread with the honey mustard spread (or save to serve on the side of the sandwiches)
Top each slice with
  1. 2 slices of turkey
  2. 2 slices of green apple, peel on, core removed
  3. 2 ½ inch slices of Brie cheese, about 2 oz total on each
  4. Top with slice of bread and place on a griddle sprayed with non stick cooking spray.
  5. Grill 4 – 5min on med high and turn sandwich, grill to golden 2 – 4 more min.
  6. Set rest 5 min before cutting.
Dream Dinners

Be the hero of any summer event!

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Graduation… Father’s Day… Birthdays? It seems like there is an event every weekend in June! Need to bring food to a party? Make it a Dream, it so easy!

Here are 3 easy ways to bring party food anywhere:

  1. Two 6-serving orders of Outlaw Chicken Sliders will make 24 sliders! Just bake the chicken and wrap in foil, heat the buns in foil and bring the cheese and sauce for an easy assemble and serve dinner for a crowd anywhere you go.
  2. The Italian Pomodoro Burgers


Simple Spring Suppers


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These dinnertime solutions provide an easy alternative to fast food for busy nights at home or on the go.

Busy Night Out

Pesto Chicken Stuffed French Bread makes for a great dinner on the go. Slice the stuffed french bread before you bake it, then re-wrap tightly in foil either as a whole or the individual slices. Bake as directed. Keep it wrapped in the foil and pack some red and green grapes and you can have a home cooked dinner anywhere!