Get motivated with a little help from your friends

If you want to lose weight or change your eating habits, let your family and friends know what you are doing, and be specific about how they can help you. Let them know how important, as well as how challenging, this is for you, and that you need their help.


Kara Lee loses 161 pounds!

Our Company | March 30, 2010 | By

“Everyone that I talk to, I talk to them about the fact that I do Dream Dinners and that it is a great way to monitor and lose weight. At my biggest weight, I was 311 pounds and I now weigh 148. Since I’ve started Dream Dinners I have lost 161 pounds, but the best part is not only have I changed physically, I have changed emotionally. I have so many things that I am able to do that I wasn’t able to do before, like ride bikes and playing with my kids, I feel great. It’s a wonderful feeling and I think it brings your spirits up, then you feel like you can do anything. I think I have more confidence and I feel so much healthier. I feel like when I get out of bed in the morning, I feel wonderful. Before I felt so tired and just dragging and now I feel like I have all of this energy and can do so many things. I am so much healthier and a big part of it has been Dream Dinners in my life…


A fantastic weight loss story from Janis Jones

Our Company | March 24, 2010 | By

In June of 2007 I started Weight Watchers and then a month or so later I was invited to a sneak peak at the Poway Dream Dinners. My first question to Phil was if nutritional value was available and was thrilled to see that it was. I made my meal went home and enjoyed it. I got busy with everyday life and a few months later I finally ordered my meals once I reviewed the nutritional information and how it fit into my Weight Watchers Flex Plan.