10 Activities to Get Kids Off the Couch

boys playing footballEnjoy the last few weeks of warm weather by getting your kids off the couch and movin’. Try one of these fun activities to help your kids stay active and learn some new things together as a family.

  1. Play a family game outside. Baseball, basketball, flag football, capture the flag – the choice is up to you!
  2. Go to a local farmer’s market or U-Pick farm for fresh fruit, produce, or berries.
  3. Bake a dessert together with the seasonal fruit or berries you bought!
  4. Fill up water balloons and dig out water guns for a fun family fight.
  5. Visit the zoo or children’s museum.
  6. Use sidewalk chalk to draw pictures or play games like Hopscotch or Four Square.
  7. Be a tourist in your own town. Visit historic buildings, check out monuments and statues, and visit a cemetery to look for the oldest headstone. Pick up a guidebook from the library or AAA for more ideas.
  8. Sign your kids up for a class at a local craft store.
  9. Go geocaching as a family and spend an afternoon hunting for hidden treasure.
  10. Take your older child with you to your Dream Dinners session to help make your family’s dinners.