100 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

This week is National Random Acts of Kindness Week. Tomorrow, February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

To celebrate, we are providing you with 100 random acts of kindness you can do today! Here at Dream Dinners, we love this holiday. A little bit of kindness can go a long way. Doing something kind for a friend, family member, coworker, and stranger holds the power of making someone’s day. We encourage everyone to celebrate this holiday, while also doing random acts of kindness in everyday life.

What is National Random Act of Kindness Day?

The mission of Random Acts of Kindness Day is to connect with others through kindness. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation created this national holiday. They are a small nonprofit that invests resources into making kindness the norm. The framework surrounding everything they do is to Inspire->, act -> Reflect-> and Share kindness. Head to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website for more information. Get ready to celebrate this day of love with these 100 random acts of kindness that you can do today!

100 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

random acts of kindness leaving note

1. Compliment a stranger

2. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru

3. Put extra money in the gas pump for the next car that arrives

4. Take on a small task to help out a coworker

5. Hold the door open for someone

6. Pay someone’s parking meter

7. Leave a kind note on someone’s car

8. Send flowers to your Mom

9. Write a loved one a letter

10. Send dinner to a family in needrandom acts of kindness send dinner
Is there a new Mom in your life who can barely time find to eat? Has someone you know fallen sick? Whatever the reason, sending dinner to a family in need is a wonderful random act of kindness. Show you care by gifting your family and friends with an easy and delicious meal. Take something off their plate by having dinner ready to cook and delivered to their door. 



11. Do the dishes for your household

12. Help someone put their groceries into their trunk

13. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

14. Donate clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army

15. Ask how someone is doing, really doing, and actively listen

16. Visit the animals at your local animal shelter

17. Let someone cut in front of you while waiting in line

18. Pay for someone’s groceries at the grocery store

19. Pick up litter in your neighborhood

20. Clean up a local park

clean up a local park as a random act of kindness

Head to a local park and clean up any trash you see. This is a random act of kindness that is for the greater good! Cleaning up areas of your community will feel great. Make sure to recycle anything you can. The planet thanks you!





21. Shovel snow off a neighbor’s driveway

22. Check-in on a senior citizen in the neighborhood

23. Babysit, or pet sit free of charge

24. Smile at the stranger walking past you

25. Help a busy family by stocking their fridge with ready-to-cook meals

26. Donate toys to a local children’s hospital

27. Visit a nursing home nearby and spend time with the residents

28. Leave a kind note and generous tip for your server

29. Say good morning to everyone you see in the early hours of the day

30. Send a Good Night text

Something as simple as a Good Night text has the power to make someone feel loved. Let someone in your life know you are thinking of them by texting them Good Night. Who knows, you could turn a bad day around with a simple good night text.





31. Talk to someone you usually wouldn’t 

32. Leave a positive review for a local business

33. Plant a tree

34. Acknowledge a coworker’s hard work 

35. Tutor a friend who needs help in school

36. Take out the trash for your neighbors on trash day

37. Bring someone a small gift to school or work 

38. Bake treats for the kids to come home to after school

39. Compliment someone’s post on social media 

40. Reach out to a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in awhile

You can make someone’s day just by reaching out. Think of a friend or family member you used to be close to and give them a call out of the blue. Ask how they have been and actively listen to everything they tell you. Block out an hour of your day to dedicate your undivided attention to your old pal. You both will leave the interaction filled with joy.



41. Attend a local sporting event and cheer on the teams

42. Send someone you love a care package just because

43. Make a new friend at school or work

44. Tell a new parent you know what a great job they’re doing

45. Write kind sticky notes and leave them on your coworker’s desks

 46. Leave a gift in your mailbox for the mailman

 47. Attend or host a meal packing event for communities in need

48. Bring a Starbucks gift card to school for your teacher

49. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog 

50. Run an errand for a friend

Life is busy. When you have some free time, see if you can take some stress off a loved one’s plate. Text a friend and ask them if they have any errands you could run for them. Offer to pick up groceries for your parents. See if a loved one has laundry piled up that you can do for them on laundry day. No matter what errand you do for a friend, this random act of kindness will be greatly appreciated.


51. Clean your sibling’s room 

52. Donate blankets to a homeless shelter

53. Offer to water your neighbor’s garden for a week

54. Mow your neighbor’s lawn

55. Take a picture for someone 

56. Surprise a friend with concert tickets

57. Spend quality time with your grandparents or parents

58. Bring a loved one breakfast in bed

59. Lend a friend your favorite book

60. Donate books to your local library

Do you have old books that are collecting dust on your bookshelf? Consider donating them to your local library as a random act of kindness! What is collecting dust on your bookshelf could be someone’s next favorite read. Make someone’s day by donating old books. Bonus points if you hide a kind message in the book somewhere for the next reader to find!



61. Bring your coworkers lunch 

62. Craft something special for someone

63. Clean up around the office to ease the cleaning crew’s job

64. Clean up around the school to help out the janitor

65. Hide money or kind notes in random places for strangers to find

66. Give up to window seat on an airplane the next time you fly 

67. Hand out reusable water bottles to everyone in your office

68. Compliment your Boss and thank them for being a great leader

69. Bake goods for your local fire station or police station

70. Donate blood 

If you’re looking for random acts of kindness that can really impact a person’s life, consider donating blood. Find a local blood drive through the American Red Cross. The red cross is experiencing its worst blood shortage in over a decade. So, this act of kindness can make a huge impact on those in need.




71. Become an organ donor 

72. Volunteer for a shift at a local soup kitchen

73. Donate to a local school to support youth programs

74. Talk up a coworker to your Boss 

75. Leave uplifting messages on bathroom mirrors

76. Leave love notes for your family members when you leave for the day

77. Put cute lunchbox notes in the kid’s lunchboxes

78. Share a skill with someone for free 

79. Tell a funny joke at work or school to make everyone laugh

80. Scrape the ice off the windshield of someone’s car

With chilly winter weather comes freezing winter ice! We all know the struggle of running to your car in the morning only to see that it is covered in ice. Make someone’s morning by taking care of their icy windshield before they have a chance to. This random act of kindness will set your neighbor’s day off on the right foot. 




81. Build a little free library box in your yard or donate to one in your neighborhood

82. Send a Thank You email to a teacher who impacted your life

83. Donate school supplies 

84. Call someone to say I love you

85. Let a friend know how much you appreciate them out of the blue

86. Forgive someone 

87. Apologize to someone who you have wronged

88. Let your spouse sleep in and wake up early with the kids

89. Donate to a charity or Nonprofit Organization

90. Celebrate someone’s half birthday and give them a gift

People may expect a gift on their birthday. However, if you grab someone a gift for their half birthday, they will indeed be surprised. Figure out a loved one’s half birthday and set a reminder to celebrate it. This random act of kindness is sure to make their day.





91. Give up your seat on public transportation

92. Tell someone you love about their best qualities

93. Give someone you love a hug

94. Take a friend or family member to lunch and pay for the tab

95. Leave money in a vending machine for the next person who uses it

96. Share a recipe on social media 

97. Return grocery carts that have been left aside 

98. Compliment someone’s outfit

99. Tell someone they are doing a great job

100. Do something kind for yourself

While it’s important to do random acts of kindness for others, we have to remember to be kind to ourselves as well. Book yourself a massage on your next day off. Cook yourself a fancy meal to indulge in after a busy day. Run a warm bath and give yourself an hour of relaxation. Try and incorporate random acts of kindness to yourself into your day-to-day life.