11 Galentine’s Day Ideas For A Day Of Food And Fun

February 13th marks Galentine’s Day, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for the perfect gals’ day filled with food and fun.

Most of us are accustomed to celebrating Valentine’s day. But, did you know the day before is a day dedicated to celebrating our gal pals!? Galentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the friendships in your life. Call your besties and tell them to block off their calendars on February 13th for a beautiful day of food and fun. This year, celebrate your friends with our 11 Galentine’s day ideas!

1. Breakfast Bash

galentines day ideas breakfast bash 

Break out the Pancakes and Pajamas because you will be throwing a breakfast bash this Galentine’s day! Ditch the standard dinner party and have your best friends over for an early morning extravaganza. Have everyone bring their favorite breakfast food and prepare to feast. If you’re looking to impress your friends with a delicious breakfast dish, bring along this Cheesy Ham & Egg Strata. Don’t forget to enforce a strict dress code for your Galentine’s day get-together: Pajamas only! 

2. Sunday Spa Day

Galentine's day ideas spa day

Galentine’s day falls on a Sunday this year, making it the perfect opportunity to host a Sunday Spa Day! Sunday is a day made for rest. So, invite your besties over for a day of relaxation. Set out a table with all of your spa necessities. Include wet rags, fruit water, cucumbers for puffy eyes, and various face masks. Let your friends choose their skincare treatment like they would if they were at the spa.

Order a Dead Sea Mud Mask to clarify the skin and clean out pores while reducing acne and blackheads. Try an Avacado and Superfood Clay Mask to rehydrate and nourish the skin for dry skin. To make your spa party super fun, add a few colorful face masks as well. Include a 24k Gold Anti-Aging face mask on your spa table. Get pretty in pink with a Rose Clay Facial Mask with Kaolin Pink Clay, Niacinimide, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize the skin. Be sure to bring your cameras to take all of the fun face mask pics!

Don’t forget to feed your friends during your spa day! When your bellies start to rumble, serve up this Vegetarian White Bean Chili for lunch. Delicious and nutritious, go meatless with this healthy dish perfect for a restorative spa day. Vegetable-packed green chili with white beans and corn served with cheddar cornbread muffins. Click here to order Dream Dinner’s Vegetarian White Bean Chili for your Galentine’s day lunch!


3. Karaoke Night

Sing your heart out this Galentine’s Day by having a karaoke night with your gal pals. Head to the nearest karaoke bar, or bring the karaoke bar home to you! All you need for a successful karaoke night is a karaoke machine, good music,  fun drinks, and tasty treats. First, make sure you have a good karaoke machine to sing all of your favorite tunes. We especially love this one because of its fun and colorful disco lights. This karaoke machine is sure to make any party a blast!

Next, make sure you have some fun drinks planned for your Galentine’s karaoke night. Your guests might need a little liquid courage to get on stage and sing! Check out this article by Thrillist for some fun drink ideas. Last but not least, include some tasty treats to munch on between sets! Finger foods and appetizers are a great choice for a karaoke night. These Mini Beef Tostada Cups are the perfect party pleaser. Classic Mexican fare, with crispy flour tortillas, topped with cheese, beans, seasoned beef, and lime crema. 

4. Dinner & Drink Tasting

This Galentine’s Day, treat your tastebuds with dinner and drink tasting! Grab a couple bottles of wine to sample and some delicious bites that complement each sip. Check out these Perfect Pairings from our February menu if you aren’t sure what to serve. Place a Dream Dinners order that includes our Cod with New England Chowder Sauce, Bacon Popper Chicken, and Bacon Jam Burgers. Then, head over to 7cellars to order their Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Voila! You have everything you need for dinner & drink tasting you and the gals’ will never forget!

5. Galantine’s Game Night

Get ready for endless giggles when you host a Galentine’s game night! What better game for the girls than the fun card game “For The Girls”? Each colored deck represents a different mini-game, ranging from sleepover classics such as “if you’ve ever” to dares and more. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine and cook your favorite pasta dishes to level up your Galentine’s game night. We recommend serving our Shrimp and Chicken Carbonara and our Penne with Chicken and Peanut Sauce.

6. Cookies & Crafts

Bake cookies and get crafty for your Galentine’s Day cookies & crafts party! Have everyone bring their favorite type of cookie and bake them together. Next, choose a fun craft idea that everyone will enjoy. Eat your cookies while you craft it up with your gal pals. The best part? Everyone will have a craft to bring home to remember this Galentine’s Day for years to come!

7. Photo Booth Party

Break out the camera and prep some fun props for your Galentine’s Day photo booth party. Check out this article on how to set up your own DIY photo booth and get ready to have some fun! What really makes a photo booth is the funny props. We love this set of photo booth props on Amazon. This silly set comes with 12 selfie props. The collection includes googly eyeglasses, funny hats, party hats, and more. Serve our Bacon Jam Burgers at your photo booth party and take some funny burger pics!

8. Movie Night

Have all your gals’ vote on their favorite film and host a Galentine’s movie night! Play everyone’s favorite movie on the big screen and have a night of nostalgic fun. Pop some popcorn and prepare some cozy comfort food to enjoy while watching your film. We highly recommend our Spinach and Artichoke Ravioli Bake for a movie night with the girls. Cheesy ravioli baked in a creamy spinach artichoke sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. The perfect comfort food to enjoy while cozied up with your best friends!

9. Yoga Party

If you’re looking to move your body this Galentine’s Day, then host a yoga party for you and the girls! Grab your yoga mats and find a follow-along yoga class on youtube. Make sure you pick a style that works for everyone’s skill level. Whip up something healthy as a post-workout snack like our Greek Turkey Meatballs with Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce. You and the girls will have a blast while burning off some steam during your Galentine’s Day yoga party!

10. High Tea Party

Who says tea parties are only for kids? This Galentine’s Day, host a high tea party for you and your friends. Grab a fancy tea set for your party. Create cute invitations and set an elegant dress code. Serve little finger foods and other high tea favorites. If you’re looking for tea party food ideas, check out this article by Insanely Good Recipes that includes 30-afternoon tea party recipes. 

11. Powerpoint Party

If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do this Galentine’s Day, then a PowerPoint party is the best option for you! When you think of creating a PowerPoint, work might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, creating and sharing silly PowerPoints with your friends won’t feel like work at all. Pick a topic and have each friend in your group create a funny PowerPoint around the subject. For example, have everyone make a PowerPoint about which characters each friend would play in a specific movie. Get ready for some laughs because you and the girls are about to have a blast!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Galentine’s Day! Don’t forget to place your Dream Dinners order so you have everything you need for a successful girl’s night in.