11 Spring Break Ideas for Families of All Ages

Are your kids getting ready for spring break?

The kids will be off school for the week, and while travel may still be off the table, that doesn’t mean we have to give up spring break fun! We created this list of fun and simple spring break ideas so you and your family could make the most out of spring vacation this year. Check out these fun activities that are great for families of all ages.

1. Create a Garden

Thinking about starting a garden or planting some flowers this season? Spring break is the perfect time to start! While the kids are home from school, make it a fun family project to create a garden.  Let each family member pick something to plant, and then gather around the garden for some hands-on family fun!

2. Have a Family Picnic

Having a family picnic is a great spring break idea if you’re looking for a creative way to get the whole family out of the house this spring! Take your dinner to-go and head to a scenic area in your town to enjoy time together, delicious food, and some picnic views! Need ideas for dinners that work great for picnics? Our Penne with Chicken and Peanut sauce recipe is a fan-favorite for our guests, and many enjoy it cold over warm. This makes it the perfect dinner to take to go for a picnic! Pre-cook the pasta and pop it in the fridge. On the day of your picnic, pack it in your basket with some utensils and be on your way!

3. Become a Tourist in Your Town

Family touristsSometimes when we live somewhere for so long, we forget what our own town has to offer. If you aren’t taking a trip for spring break this year, try becoming a tourist in your own town! Take a bike tour through different neighborhoods, go on a food tour, and try things you’ve never tried from some of your town’s favorite restaurants. You can also search Google for the “Top things to do in (your city)” and head out with your family to explore! Make an entire day of it and see how your town may pleasantly surprise you!

4. Go Camping in The Backyard

Who says you must go to a campsite to get the entire camping experience!? Turning your backyard into a campground is another excellent spring break idea for families not traveling this year. Pitch some tents, set up a campfire, and pretend you’re deep in the forest with your entire family! (No cell phones… there is no service in the woods!) Roast marshmallows for ‘smores, tell stories around the fire and enjoy quality time with the people you love. Don’t have camping gear? Lay out a blanket and stargaze! Research constellations before you head out and race to find them in the night sky.

5. Make Bird Feeders

Making bird feeders is a great project for spring break because the fun will continue all spring! Bird feeders can be a little pricey to purchase, but DIY bird feeders don’t break the bank, and they are a great family activity for kids of all ages. You can even make multiple different kinds of bird feeders that attract different types of birds! The Spruce Crafts article goes over the different types of DIY bird feeders and how to make them. Spend a day of spring break making bird feeders with the family, research the types of birds your feeder will attract, and then watch them flock to your feeder all spring!

6. Spa Day

Spa day at home with young kidsThey don’t call it Spring “Break” for no reason… use this time to decompress and truly take a break! With no school and no homework, spring break is the perfect time for the entire family to de-stress and relax. Set up some at-home mani-pedis, soak your feet in the tub, do some face masks, cut cucumbers to place over the eyes, and have a day of rest! The entire family can participate, and it will contribute to lower stress levels for everyone.

7. Pajama Party

Break out the PJ’s this spring break for a family Pajama Party! Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite movies, set out some board games, and have a slumber party in the living room. Build a fort out of chairs and bedsheets to play board games or watch movies under.

8. Nature Day

Another great idea for the entire family is to dedicate one day of Spring Break to nature! Research the different types of wildlife found in your area; what kind of trees populate your town? Are there any flowers specific to your state? What kind of birds migrate here in the spring? After you do some research, head out into your neighborhood and explore! See if you can spot the different types of nature you learned about while researching. Collect rocks to bring home that you can paint another day as an art project. Live in a city? Don’t let that stop you! There are plenty of ways to find nature within urban areas, too.

9. Host a Family Talent Show

A talent show is an excellent way for families of all ages to get together and have some fun! Pick a night of the week during Spring Break for each family member to showcase their talents. Make sure to plan this a few days in advance so everyone can practice! To take your talent show to the next level, create a talent show guide and schedule and hand it out at the beginning of the week. Be sure to include all of the family talent show’s rules and regulations so everyone can adequately prepare. Bake some tasty post- talent show treats to thank the participants for all their hard work! Our Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies are a quick & easy celebratory dessert.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Put together a scavenger hunt for a day of fun that will have everyone using their creativity. Create a list of things each family member must find around the house (something blue, something cold, something that lights up, something furry, etc..). Put checkmarks next to things you must find, hand out the list, and get to scavenging! Break the family off into teams and compete to see who can check everything off the list first.

11. Paint Rocks

Kids painting rocks outsideGrab the rocks you collected from your nature day and create an art project out of them! Pull out the paint and have each family member paint cool designs on their rocks with their 3 favorite colors. When finished, set up a rock art gallery so everyone can showcase their creations!

Which spring break activity ideas do you think your family will enjoy? We’d love to see pictures of your vacation (or stay-cation) adventures! Comment on this post or send us a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.