12 Life-Changing Pantry Organization Hacks

Let’s face it; it’s easy to become disorganized, especially around this time of year.

Seasons are changing, you are adapting to new routines, and everything can start to feel like a mess. Finding time to get organized can be difficult between work, preparing the kids for school, and everything else this season of life may bring. So, why even bother with the pantry? Well, organizing the pantry will set you up for success for the rest of the year. It may seem minuscule when stacked against all other house areas that may need some tidying. Still, an organized pantry will pave the path to an organized life. Say goodbye to the days of scavenging for the peanut butter for the kid’s lunch while already running 10 minutes late. Transform your pantry from a place of stress to a place of calm with these twelve pantry organization hacks.

1. Make Baskets Your BFF

Not only are baskets great for storage, but they also improve your pantry aesthetic. Baskets are an adorable storage piece for the shelves in your pantry that come with a little more ceiling space. Depending on how much space you have, there are endless opportunities for what you can store in your baskets. Bread, wine, reusable grocery bags, lunch boxes, etc. Pick the number your pantry space will allow. Then, dedicate which items in your pantry will call a basket home.

2. Drawers on The Floor

You know that space between the floor and the first shelf of your pantry that you have no idea what to do with? This is where your drawers live. Purchase a small, stackable drawer to place in this space, and your pantry will be changed forever. Using drawers in your pantry allows you to pack more food without things getting lost in the back and forgotten about. When you pull open your drawer, you will be able to see everything that lives there clearly. This way, you won’t forget about that cool new pasta sauce you swore you were going to try in a recipe months ago.

3. Utilize the Door

While we are on the topic of storage, the door is a terrific opportunity to create some more space within your pantry. Purchase an over-the-door shoe organizer and repurpose it for your spices and snacks. If you don’t have enough space or simply want to purchase a spice rack, this is a great option. Place spices near the top of the organizer, facing forward so you can see which is which. Toward the bottom of the organizer, leave healthier snacks like granola bars and dried fruit so that the kids can easily reach these items on their own.

4. Lazy Susan

If you don’t already have a lazy Susan for your pantry, getting one will change your life. A lazy Susan will help fix the same problem pull-out drawers will. None of your pantry goods will get lost in the back. This is also a great option if you don’t have a pantry and use cabinet space. Stick a double-stacked lazy Susan under your cabinet, and you’ve got the perfect spot to store all of your snacks!

5. Stackable Bins

When organizing your pantry, stacking is vital. Be careful, though. If you go too stack-crazy, your pantry will become disorganized very quickly. That is why we recommend clear, open, stackable bins. Using these will allow you to stack all of your pantry items while still keeping them organized. Spices, coffee, chips, snacks. You can really put anything your heart desires into stackable bins. The best part? These goods wouldn’t have been stackable without them!

6. Separate Cans

Cans in the pantry are a monster of their own. There are so many different canned foods; beans, tomatoes, salsas, fruits, veggies, milk, sauces, the list goes on… Remember, just because they are both in a can does not mean they belong next to each other in the pantry. Make sure you are separating your pantry into food groups, not types of food packing. This will make it easier when you are trying to find things in the long run.

7. Group Related Foods

As we mentioned in number 6, grouping related foods is key to a successful pantry. It can be tempting to group foods by the package they come in, but this makes it harder for us when cooking or trying to find a specific snack. Have different sections of your pantry dedicated to different needs. Have one area be for cooking that includes your oils, spices, and rubs. One place can be saved for baking that has flour, sugar, and other baking necessities. Then, divide your food into groups.

8. Chips That Hang

Have extra dress pant hangers laid around the house? It’s time to put them to use. Hang your chips from a shelf using pant hangers to increase space within your pantry and keep your chips fresh. Fold up your chip bag, get all the air out, secure it with the pant hanger, and hang it from the shelf. Who knew clothes hangers had such great use in the kitchen?

9. Glass Jars (Big Mouth, Reused)

Starting now, save every pasta sauce, pickle spear, and stuffed olive jar you are about to throw away. These glass jars are perfect for repurposing and using as storage in the pantry. Big bags of flour and sugar are not exactly the most appealing thrown into a pantry. Pour some of that Costco-sized bag into a wide-mouth glass jar to bump up the pantry décor.

10. Clear Cereal Bins

Clear cereal bins are a necessity for a couple of reasons. For one, it makes for easy cereal picking in the morning when the kids can see exactly what they are choosing. Two, cereal bins keep your cereal fresh longer! Three, these can be used for more than just cereal. Cereal bins are also great for storing baking goods like sugar, cornstarch, and flour. Suppose you don’t have any leftover glass jars. In that case, cereal bins are another great option to help your pantry look more organized and appealing.

11. Label Everything

Even if you don’t think it may need a label at the moment, it probably does. Labeling will not only get your pantry organized, but it will also help it stay that way. Everything we talked about earlier that goes into clear bins or cereal containers? Label it. The stackable bins that are going to save your pantry and possibly your life? Label them. The cute glass jars that are going to level up your pantry aesthetic? Label them, too! Label the different sections of your pantry in addition to individual items so things are continuously organized.

12. Keep the Kids in Mind

If you have little ones who like to explore at home, you’re going to want to keep them in mind when organizing the pantry. Keeping the cookies and treats within a toddler’s reach may not be the best idea. Keep snacks you want the kiddos to be able to reach toward the bottom of the pantry and the goods you probably don’t want them to be able to get on their own toward the top. This will make your life easier because the kids will be able to grab their own snacks when you are busy, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing all they can reach is the granola bars.