17 Graduation Party Food Ideas to Self-Cater Your Celebration

It’s graduation season… which means grad parties are coming. If you’re celebrating a grad this year, congrats!

We realize graduation parties might not be as big this year as they usually are, so self-catering your party might make more sense. Luckily, our May and June menus are stacked with delicious items that would be perfect for self-catering your graduation party. With Dream Dinners, self-catering your grad party is a breeze. That’s why we created this list of 17 Graduation Party Food Ideas from our current and upcoming menu to help self-cater your party. If your grad party is held toward the beginning of the summer, pay extra attention to the items from our May menu. If you’re hosting a grad party that will take place a little later this year, check out the second half of our list for meals from the June menu.

May Menu Items

1. Lemon Feta Turkey Sliders

Lemon Feta Turkey SlidersFeatured on our May menu, our Lemon Feta Turkey Sliders are the perfect treat to help you cater for your graduation party this year. A guest favorite, our sliders are loaded with lemon and feta. Our grilled turkey patties are topped with garlicky chive mayo and served on mini brioche buns. Served with a side of sweet potato fries, these are the perfect meal to enjoy outside with the family. Both grill-friendly and ready in under 30 minutes, adding this to your graduation party menu will surely relieve you of time, money, and stress!

2. Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Bites

Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork BitesAnticipate a lot of kids at your grad party this year? Our Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Bites are a kid-favorite on our May menu. Homestyle biscuits filled with seasoned pulled pork and topped with BBQ sauce and cheese; this menu item is a guest favorite. Parents and children alike love this unique menu item, making it a great graduation party food idea if you want to impress your guests.

3. Chicken Soft Taco with Key Lime Corn

Chicken Soft Tacos with Key Lime CornAvailable through May, this menu item includes tender chicken in lime and fresh cilantro sauce served with Key Lime Corn and warm flour tortillas. This tasty treat cooks in under 30 minutes, making your grad party just as enjoyable for you as it will be for all of your guests!

4. Charhouse Chicken Sandwiches

Charhouse Chicken SandwichesThis May menu item is a great option to load up on and serve at your graduation party this summer. Grill-friendly and ready in under 30 minutes, these marinated chicken breasts are topped with mouth-watering melted cheese and chipotle mayo on a toasted bun. Fire up the grill and have these delicious and easy sandwiches ready in 15-20 minutes.

5. Mexican Tortilla Lasagna

Mexican Tortilla LasagnaIf you’re looking to add some unique global flavors to your grad party menu, this dish from our May menu is an attractive option. Tortillas are layered with seasoned ground beef, black beans, peppers, onions, and cheese, all baked to a perfect golden brown. This is a favorite amongst our guests and their children, so everyone at your grad party is sure to love it!

6. Al Pastor Street Tacos

Al Pastor Pork Street TacosThis is another global flavor featured on our May menu that would work great for self-catering a graduation party. Chili and pineapple marinated pork are grilled to perfection and served in warm corn tortillas with pineapple salsa.

7. Sonoma Grill Steaks

Sonoma Grill SteaksFire up the grill and serve our juicy steaks to your grad party guests this year. These delicious steaks are topped with goat cheese and a sun-dried tomato lemon-butter sauce. Both grill-friendly and ready in under 30 minutes, these steaks will be a treat for your guests and a breeze for you.

June Menu Items

8. Texas Roadhouse Burgers

Texas Roadhouse BurgersIf your grad party is scheduled a little later this year, this item from our June menu is a must-have for any grad party this year. Sweet and tangy burgers with a touch of bacon, topped off with two kinds of cheese, BBQ sauce, and fried onions make these juicy burgers a guest favorite. Grill-friendly, ready in under 30 minutes, and served with salt and pepper fries, this is a simple and delicious dish that every guest is sure to love. 

9. Campfire Grilled Pork Chops

Campfire Grilled Pork ChopsAvailable on our June menu, our pork chops are featured as a summer celebration item. This makes it another great dish to add to your graduation party menu. Delicious, tender, juicy pork chops covered with a smoky garlic rub and served with a side of Chipotle Maple Corn. This dish is ready in under 30 minutes, so you can enjoy your grad party as much as your guests will enjoy the food!

10. Summer Shrimp Boil

Summer Shrimp BoilAnother feature on our June summer celebration menu, our shrimp boil is a unique item that will impress your guests. A flavorful broth with baby potatoes, smoked sausage, mini corn cobs, and plenty of shrimp makes this a favorite amongst fish lovers and meat lovers. This dish cooks in under 30 minutes, so you won’t have to spend the entire grad party cooking.

11. American Sports Grill Steaks

American Sports Grille SteaksPerfect for a grad party grill out, this is a June menu item you won’t want to miss out on if you’re having any parties in the backyard this summer. These juicy steaks are marinated in a classic savory, herbed sauce and served with crispy seasoned onion rings. Fire up the grill and celebrate your grad with this quick and easy recipe the entire family will love.

12. Savory Grilled Chicken with Sesame Honey Butter

Savory Grilled Chicken with Sesame Honey ButterAnother June menu item that is perfect for a grad-party grill out. Our grilled chicken with sesame honey butter is a guest favorite here at Dream Dinners. Our mouth-watering sesame honey butter is drizzled over grilled chicken breasts marinated in a blend of sesame, ginger, and garlic. This dish is grill-friendly, ready in under 30 minutes, and under 400 calories. This is the perfect dish to add to your graduation party if you or your guests are watching your calorie intake!

13. Canadian Bacon Stuffed French Bread

Canadian Bacon Stuffed French BreadOur June menu guest favorite, stuffed French bread is perfect to set out as an appetizer at your graduation party this year. French bread is stuffed with a creamy cheese spread with sausage crumbles, Canadian bacon, and savory Swiss cheese. Be careful how much you put out as an appetizer; these are so good your guests may fill up before the main course! A unique option, adding this to your graduation party menu will set you apart from all the other grad parties this summer. These are grill-friendly, so if your grad party is a grill-out, fire up the grill and throw them on before the burgers!

14. Maple Bourbon BBQ Chicken with Bacon

Maple Bourbon BBQ Chicken with BaconWith all of our backyard recipes available on the June menu, why not make your grad party a backyard BBQ? If you decide to do so, our Maple Bourbon BBQ Chicken with Bacon will be a great addition to your backyard grad party! Tender chicken breasts simmered in a tangy maple bourbon BBQ sauce are topped with savory diced bacon. Ready in under 30 minutes, so you can spend more time enjoying your graduation party and less time in the kitchen.

15. Greek Turkey Meatballs with Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce

Greek Tzatziki Turkey MeatballsAnother June menu item that would work great as an appetizer at your graduation party this year is our Greek Turkey Meatballs. These are grill-friendly, so they are perfect if you are sticking with the backyard theme. Mediterranean spiced ground turkey meatballs with spinach and red onion are paired with a refreshing dill yogurt sauce. Set these out before the main course to add some global flavors to your graduation party!

16. Bistro Steak Kebabs

Bistro Steak KebabsFeatured on the June menu, these are a Dream Dinner’s classic and a grad-party must-have. Our tender, juicy ranch steaks are seasoned with savory spices and served on a skewer for easy outside grilling.

17. Backyard BBQ Chicken

Backyard BBQ ChickenA June graduation party staple! Fire up the grill and serve our Backyard BBQ Chicken to your guests in under 30 minutes. Served with grilled summer vegetables and available to order through August for those graduation parties that may be happening at the end of summer.


These graduation food party ideas are perfect for self-catering your party this summer. Your party is sure to be a success with any of these family-friendly recipes. Save yourself the stress and mess; let us do the hard work so you can enjoy your graduation party! Click here to place an order for our May or June menus.