5 Thoughtful Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

Happy Mother’s Day Week!

If you just read that and thought, “Wait… Mother’s Day is this week?!” Don’t fret; Dream Dinners is here for you. Life is busy, and it can be easy to lose track of what holidays are right around the corner. That’s why we created this list of last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, so you can show how much you love and appreciate mom even if you didn’t have the free time to plan ahead!

1. A Well-Chosen Gift Card

Relaxing epsom salt and lavender soapA well-thought-out gift card is a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift that can be really sentimental if done right. We aren’t recommending you pop into the most convenient store you can find to grab any available gift card. To make your last-minute gift more special, make sure it is a gift card that will truly mean something to mom! Do you know her favorite place to buy clothes? Grab a gift card so she can pick out an outfit she loves. Has it been a while since mom has had some time to herself to relax? Give the gift of relaxation with a gift card to a spa. Does mom love Dream Dinners, or do you think she would benefit from prepped, home-cooked meals? Grab a Dream Dinners gift card and give the gift that keeps on giving while she enjoys less dinnertime stress and more quality time with family.

2. A Framed Picture

Framing a picture is a heartfelt way to make any mother feel cared for this Mother’s Day. Find a photo of the two of you from a special memory and get it framed for safekeeping. If you’re buying for your own mom, you could frame an old baby photo of yourself to remind her of the good old days. Do you have children of your own? Frame a photo of them for Grandma to put up on the wall. Buying a last-minute Mother’s Day Gift for a friend or new mom? Frame a special photo of their children or of a special memory you have together. Framing a picture is a great gift option because it makes finding a Mother’s Day Gift simple while keeping it heart-warming.

3. A (Fully Planned) Fun Night Out

Let’s face it, moms don’t always get to let loose and have fun. A mother’s schedule is usually pretty busy, and it doesn’t always allow mom to have a fun-packed night out of the house. Instead of going with a traditional gift this Mother’s Day, you could always gift her a fun night out instead! You could set this up as a surprise so that it falls on Mother’s Day, or you could set it up for a future date and reveal her upcoming special plans in a card. Offer to watch the kids, call up her closest friends, make reservations at her favorite restaurant, and set up a fun and worry-free night out. Take care of all of the nitty-gritty details, including rides (you could even grab a limo if you’re feeling fancy), restaurant bills, invites, etc., so that all mom has to worry about is having fun!

4. A Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are a Mother’s Day staple that mom is sure to appreciate. The great thing is that you can pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers around this time of year almost anywhere. Make mom’s bouquet more special by filling it with her favorite type of flower. If you don’t know her favorite flower or if she doesn’t have a favorite, buy her a bouquet of carnations. These flowers are directly linked to the origin of Mother’s Day, with different color carnations symbolizing different things. Use the specific colors to make mom’s bouquet even more personal. Write a card that accompanies her bouquet to explain what the flowers mean and express how much you care!

3. A Meal Kit Service

Buying mom a meal kit service is a fantastic last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea because this is a gift that will keep on giving. Help take the stress out of dinnertime for mom with prepped dinners she (or dad!) can cook in a flash. Dream Dinners offers a Meal Prep Starter Pack for just $99, which allows you to pick up to six family-sized meals that can be frozen and cooked throughout the month. Dream Dinners is the perfect option for this type of gift because there is no commitment! You can gift a mom you love the Meal Prep Starter Pack without having to worry about being charged again next month as you would with other meal kit services.

On behalf of everyone at Dream Dinners, we wish you a happy and restful Mother’s Day!