6-Steps to a Beautiful Appetizer Table

This isn’t a low cost solution; it’s a “no-cost” decorator idea that will make your presentation look like a magazine in 6-simple steps.  And believe it or not, you most likely have all the materials needed already inside and outside your home.

Step 1: Put a table cover over your buffet table.

Step 2: Place 3-boxes on the table, a short, medium and taller box, that are wide enough to hold a platter.

Step 3: Cover your boxes with a contrasting color of fabric. Could be drapery fabric, or scrap fabric.

Step 4: Place your third color fabric somewhat twisted-on the table, slightly tucking it into the boxes.

Step 5: Greens, gourds, candles.  Place any greens from your yard alongside gourds and then pepper in some safe candles in glass containers.

Step 6: Food.  Place veggies, cheese and cracker plates at the front and then the savory Dream Dinners chilled steak or chicken entrees presented as appetizers.

Enjoy the party!


Next, watch the video “How to Turn Dream Dinners into Appetizers” to see how we added food to the table.