7 Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

School is wrapping up for the summer, but your kids can keep learning with educational subscription boxes.

We know how tricky it can be to keep the kids learning once school is out, and we wanted to make it a little easier for you and your family. Spending quality time together as a family is so important, and we think learning together is an excellent opportunity to do so. So, we did our research and put together a list of educational subscription boxes for kids that are perfect for the summer.


As food lovers ourselves, we had to put a food subscription box first on our list! Raddish is a great subscription option for families that want the kids to practice cooking this summer. Here at Dream Dinners, we love Raddish because it brings families together to spend quality time in the kitchen, just like we do. This subscription box works by delivering a kid-friendly cooking class to your door every month. Designed for kids aged 4-14, Raddish brings the classroom into the kitchen and teaches math, science, and diversity through fun cooking lessons. If you’re looking to have some fun with your little ones in the kitchen this summer, Raddish is the box for you!

Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is a great educational subscription box for kids looking to get crafty this summer. With crates suitable for kids of all ages, babies, toddlers, children, and teens alike can all find an educational and fun box to receive. When selecting a crate, you can filter by age and interests and choose the perfect crate for your little ones. If you have older children, the doodle crate is a great monthly subscription option. Get unique, hands-on projects delivered to your door monthly that spark creativity and inspire confidence in your little ones. For younger kids, Kiwi Crate delivers STEM-based projects that inspire a love for learning. Whatever age your little ones, KiwiCo has a fun, educational learning crate to send to your doorstep every month.

Little Passports

Little Passports is a monthly subscription service that introduces children to play-based geography, science, world cultures, and the arts! Each month, Little Passports will deliver a box to your doorstep that makes your child’s world a little bigger. This is an excellent summer subscription box for kids of all ages. Families with children aged 3-5 can subscribe to the Early Explorer’s box, which introduces your little ones to themes like music, oceans, and dinosaurs. For kids aged 5-8, the Science Junior box will launch a love for science, technology, engineering, and math. Kids aged 6-10 can enjoy the World Edition box, which allows them to discover new countries through hands-on activities and souvenirs. They also offer a USA-based box, where each package introduces two new states using activity-based journals. Lastly, children can choose a Science Expeditions box to reveal mysteries of the world through science experiments and other activities. If you and your family are looking to open your geographical horizons this summer, try subscribing to Little Passports for some quality family fun!

Our Little Book Club

Looking to expand the kid’s reading list this summer? Our Little Book Club may be the subscription for you! Our Little Book Club offers books for every age, from newborns to kids age 12. Pick your child’s age group, and each month two beautiful hardcover books and an activity book will arrive at your doorstep. Picture books will come for younger readers, and chapter books will arrive for older readers. The activity books include everything from coloring to crossword puzzles to fun art projects. We love Our Little Book Club as it was created by teachers, principals, and book curators who have a passion for reading and teaching. If you choose Our Little Book Club as your subscription box this summer, make it a family activity by reading your new books together aloud!

Girls Can! Crate

Do you have girls in the family? The Girls Can! crate is a beautiful subscription box that shows young girls just how powerful they can be! Each crate is a monthly toolkit for “future world-changers,” with a featured inspiring role model, ranging from aviators, artists, engineers, activists, and more. Each month the crate will include an inspiring story of a real fearless woman who changed the world! The crate also comes with a fun and educational activity book and 2-3 science, engineering, or art activities for hands-on learning. If you’re looking to empower your girls at home this summer, check out the Girls Can! subscription box!

Sensory Theraplay Box

This playbox delivers monthly toys designed to help develop important sensory-motor skills and stimulate the senses. The toys included in the Sensory Theraplay box help children self-regulate and provide fun, therapeutic play! This subscription box is an excellent option for families that may have children with autism or developmental disorders at home. Created by an occupational therapist, this unique monthly crate helps fill a need for many families with neurodiverse children at home. The boxes contain favorite toys in the therapy world that are often used by occupational therapists, everyday toys that you would see in a toy store, and kid-favorite toys!

Spangler Science Club

Kids looking through a telescopeSpangler Science Club is a great subscription box to put your little scientists to work this summer! This crate contains fun science projects for kids of all ages. Lab experiments include color mixing, water science, air science, electricity science, and more. This is a great family-fun subscription service to get the entire family in the home lab (kitchen) and doing fun science projects!

Do your kids have favorite subscription boxes? We’d love to hear which ones have been a success in your household! Comment on this post or send us a direct message on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.