7 Impactful Earth Day Activities for Kids

Next Thursday is Earth Day, and we couldn’t be more excited here at Dream Dinners!

Not only is Earth Day a great opportunity to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of Earth, but it is also a great day to spend the day with family and educate the kids on ways everyone can help better the planet! April 22nd is a national day for all of us to focus on ways we can better the environment and contribute to the planet, click here to learn more about Earth Day and its history. April 22nd is also a great day to spend with family, appreciating and learning about the planet together, so we created this list of 15 fun, creative, and educational Earth Day Activities for Kids.

1. Get Crafty and Make Your Own Paper

Did you know you can make paper from recycled egg cartons? This is a super fun craft for kids, and it is also great for the environment as it reduces paper waste. The only materials you need are cardboard egg cartons, warm water, salt, and glue, making this an easy, fun, and inexpensive activity to do with the kids for Earth Day. Head to this blog written by The Spruce Crafts for directions on turning egg cartons into paper!

2. Plant a Tree

Father and son planting a tree for Earth DayPlanting a tree is a fun, simple way to honor the Earth with your family on Earth Day. Bareroot tree seeds can be purchased for around $10, and if you decide to plant one in your backyard, they are very easy to upkeep. While you & your family plant your Earth Day tree, educate the kids on how important trees are and what a difference you are making with such a simple act. The department of agriculture states that 100 trees remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of other air pollutants per year. Emphasize that your family is contributing to cleaning the air for the Earth! Talk with the family about all of the benefits trees provide us and the planet.

3. Use Less Water for the Day

Turn Earth Day into water-conservation day for the entire family! Sit around the dinner table the night before Earth Day and map out creative ways that everyone can preserve water. Have the whole family pinky promise that they will follow all of the water-preservation techniques for Earth Day!

Here are some ideas for ways the family can save water for the day:

  • Take a bath instead of a shower
  • Turn the faucet off while brushing teeth
  • Use the dishwasher instead of washing the dishes by hand
  • Fill the laundry machine the whole way before starting it
  • When washing your hands, turn off the water while you lather the soap

After Earth Day, sit around the dinner table with the family and talk about how everyone felt conserving water for the day. Was it easy or hard? Explain how conserving water can be helpful for the planet. Showing the family how simple these habit changes can be for a day can turn these into habits for life. Discuss incorporating these water-saving techniques into everyday life all year long!

4. Walk or Bike Instead of Taking the Car

Family riding bicycles togetherAnother great Earth Day Activity for kids and the entire family is to go on a long walk or bike ride. Is there a grocery store nearby that you would typically drive to for shopping? Throw on your activewear and walking shoes, and take a stroll with the family! While on your leisurely walk, explain the benefits of walking or biking instead of taking the car. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s a great way to spend time with family. Dedicate your walking time as a “no phone zone,” leave the electronics at home, and be as present as possible with each other! 

5. Plant Vegetables in the Garden

Planting a vegetable garden is a family-friendly activity that can be enjoyed long past Earth Day! What better day to get a vegetable garden going than a day that celebrates the planet? If you don’t have the resources to plant an entire vegetable garden, plant a few tomato plants! These are easy to find and relatively easy to maintain. They are a great way to get started in vegetable gardening. Nothing tastes like a vegetable you grew yourself! Once your vegetables ripen, incorporate them into one of your Dream Dinners to enjoy with the entire family.

Are you interested in planting something other than a vegetable? Try planting milkweed! Milkweed is especially great for the environment because it is the only food eaten by the type of caterpillars that become monarch butterflies. Talk to your family about how unique, and special this weed is, and study pictures and facts about monarch butterflies to get everyone interested!

6. Decorate a Recycle Bin

Does your family currently recycle? If not, decorating a recycle bin on Earth Day is a fun and creative way to get started! While decorating your recycling bin, teach the kids and the rest of the family about the importance of recycling and its impact on the environment. This is a super fun way to spend Earth Day, and it also encourages the family to recycle going forward! Having a fun bin dedicated to recycling that the entire family helped create will increase all the family members’ chances of using it. If you’re having trouble getting inspired, do a quick Google search on fun recycle bin decorations! There are plenty of ideas for ways to spruce up a recycle bin that are easy, affordable, and fun for the entire family.

7. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an enjoyable Earth Day activity for kids looking to get outside next week! Create a checklist of things the family should find outside and see what each family member comes up with for ideas. Here are some creative ideas to add to your family’s scavenger hunt:

  • Find a caterpillar and write down which direction it’s heading
  • Look for something smooth
  • Find a tree to sit under and take ten deep breathes
  • Look for something blue
  • Find a flower
  • Look at the sky, pick your favorite cloud, and draw it
  • Look for something yellow
  • Find a tiny rock and trace it
  • Find a leaf and trace it
  • Pick up as many pieces of litter you can find

For bonus Earth Day points, use the paper you made from recycled egg cartons to write the checklists and do the drawing and sketching!

Which Earth Day activities do you think your family will enjoy? We’d love to see pictures of your family celebrating! Comment on this post or send us a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.