A Dream Dinners Father’s Day Feast

Treat your favorite Dad to a day of great food, beer, and grilling!

Texas Roadhouse BurgersNothing beats a day in the backyard celebrating all that your father does for you and your family. Start your Father’s Day feast on the grill with our Texas Roadhouse Burgers with Salt and Pepper Fries. This burger has it all: tender beef patty, two types of cheese, BBQ sauce, and crispy French onions. The salt and pepper fries match perfectly with this meal and can be prepared on the grill alongside the burgers. Simply place fries in a foil pouch and place the pouch on the grill over indirect heat. Shake pouch intermittently.

To complete your backyard feast, add our Spinach Bacon and Orzo Pasta Salad. This orzo salad could not be any easier to throw together, simply tossing the salad together before serving. Another great side is our Bountiful Baked Beans. Our baked bean flavor profile pairs beautifully with the BBQ and bacon feature in our Texas Roadhouse Burger.

Like any backyard gathering, I love to end the meal with fresh watermelon slices. This Father’s day feast will scream summer with every bite!

– Chef Laura