A fantastic weight loss story from Janis Jones

In June of 2007 I started Weight Watchers and then a month or so later I was invited to a sneak peak at the Poway Dream Dinners. My first question to Phil was if nutritional value was available and was thrilled to see that it was. I made my meal went home and enjoyed it. I got busy with everyday life and a few months later I finally ordered my meals once I reviewed the nutritional information and how it fit into my Weight Watchers Flex Plan.

I would have ordered again even without the nutritional value availability since I have enjoyed the meals so much, but I continue to return because that information is available and of course the food is quite good!  Over the last 17 months I have lost 101.2 pounds through Weight Watchers and with the help of Dream Dinners.

Both Phil and Sheila have been very supportive in my weight loss journey and are always thrilled to hear of my continued successes.  I have about 15 more pounds to go but I have gone from a size 24 to 10’s and 12’s and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Colette, if  you have any questions or need clarification with anything please don’t hesitate to contact me. By the way, is or has Dream Dinners thought of partnering with Weight Watchers International!  I think it would be a great and I could be the poster child (so to speak – lol) for such a partnership.

Thank you again, I am thrilled to pieces my recipe won.
– Janis Jones

Special Note: Janis Jones was also a winner of our 2009 Recipe Contest for her Crispy French Onion Chicken.

*Dream Dinners is not a weight loss program.