A Savory and Versatile Steak Dinner

Steak Caprese is inspired by the classic flavors of “Insalada Caprese”, found in great Italian restaurants. Mozzarella cheese, fire roasted tomatoes and basil smother these marinated sirloin steaks with light fresh flavor and bright colors of green and red. With only 295 calories and 6 grams of heart healthy fat from olive oil and pesto per serving, it also makes for totally guilt free dinner.

Sandwich idea: Serve these steaks on warm Ciabatta rolls for a savory steak sandwich. Add a little extra basil and olive oil to the bread in case of dryness.

Appetizer idea: You can also cut these steaks up into bit size pieces and skewer with a toothpick for a great appetizer. Cube French or Sourdough bread next to them so guests can soak up the drippings.

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