Appetizer: Naked Tortellini

It’s so easy to make this dinner appetizer ready for your next holiday gathering. Instead of spending hours prepping food in the kitchen, you’ll be able to join the party and enjoy time with family and friends.

A fun twist on a holiday favorite.


  1. Cook Tortellini and sauce as directed in cooking instructions.
  2. Prepare a large bowl of ice and cold water. Add Tortellini immediately after cooking to stop the cooking process. Drain.
  3. Pour warm sauce into bowl for dipping.
  4. Serve Tortellini (unsauced) with toothpicks for easy dipping.

Want an alternate serving suggestion?tortellini-bacon-appetizer-254x167

Pick up some mini appetizer forks and bowls. We used this set by Mozaik. Prepare Tortellini and combine with sauce per cooking instructions. Then place three Tortellini in each bowl and serve with mini forks.

Get nutritionals or cooking instructions for Creamy Tortellini with Bacon.

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