Back to School – Making the transition

School has already begun for many families, with some starting as early as mid-August.   Others are just getting back, but no matter when you start, there’s always a bit of an adjustment to the new schedule.  We found a great article online with useful tips anyone can use to get through the first few weeks, or anytime for that matter.  Our favorite is #1!

9 Tips For the Back-to-School Mom – Organization is Everything! Well, just about everything. If you’re a mom who’s headed back to school, you want to get serious about time management, delegating, well, everything. Here are nine tips to help you get both you and your children back to school easily, confidently and most importantly, quickly!

1. Ditch Perfectionism. The dust on top of the furniture? Protective covering. Smudge on the front door? All your best friends come to the back door anyway. Perfection isn’t everything, especially when you have a test to prepare for.—Organization-is-Everything!&id=258700