Baking multiple dishes at once


You will notice the Dream Dinners Holiday Feast Timeline has you baking two things in your oven at once. We are assuming you don’t have two ovens, most people don’t have two ovens, but let me show you a tip on how to cook two things at once and get them to cook evenly.

So I have room in my oven to put two pans side by side. I have the turkey cooking here (on the left) and the Holiday Green Bean Casserole cooking here (on the right). When that is done I am going to pull it out and hold it in my cooler, using it as a hot box. Then I am going to replace it with the sweet potatoes, then the stuffing, then the biscuits, all keeping them in there while I am finishing the turkey.

Now if you don’t have room to put two pans side by side, you can stack them on two shelves. The trick is to rotate. So cook them half way through their time and then rotate them and cook them for the remaining half.