Best Meal Kit for Families

Dream Dinners is a company created with family in mind.

We understand (and live) through jam-packed days of parenting, which is one reason why we are the best meal kit for families. Taking care of a family is a full-time job. Life can get busy; between spring sports, helping with homework (was 3rd-grade math always this hard?), keeping the house together, sometimes juggling another full-time job, and making sure everyone is happy and healthy, it can be hard to find time to catch a breath. As parents, we figure it out. We successfully get the kids to practice, solve math problems, and somehow find a way to feed everyone… Every. Single. Night!

By the end of the day, we are tired… and a lot of the time, the last thing we want to do is find a recipe, run to the grocery store, spend an hour finding our ingredients, come home, wash, chop, prep, and cook. We’ve spent hours preparing dinner for the family, we finally get it on the table, and suddenly… our picky eater wants something else [*screams on the inside*]. We’ve all been there. That’s why sometimes we find ourselves ordering take-out, throwing a pizza in the oven, or whipping up some mac and cheese… and sometimes we do it more often than we’d like to admit! The dinnertime struggle is a very real struggle. Dinnertime should be a time of enjoyment, not stress… and that’s where Dream Dinners comes in. In this blog, we are letting you in on the top 5 reasons Dream Dinners is the best meal kit for families.

1. Child-Approved

One thing that makes Dream Dinners a great choice for families is that kids love our tasty meals! We all know that children can be hard to please sometimes in the kitchen. We put time and effort into a lovely, home-cooked meal only to have one of the kiddos decide it’s just not what they are hungry for. Each month our menu changes, but every menu contains kid-picked meals. These are meals that our customer’s children can’t get enough of! For example, some of our kid favorites from this April’s menu were our Sticky Ginger Turkey Meatballs, Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken, and Arroz Con Pollo. YUM! Coming up in May, we have even more dinners loved by kids, including our Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork BitesMexican Tortilla Lasagna, and Baked Penne Chicken Alfredo. These meals were chosen by our Dream Dinners kiddos as their favorite, but we are constantly hearing from customers how much kids enjoy ALL of our homemade meals!

2. Money-Saver

Mom and Son with Dream Dinners MealsRaising a family can get pretty pricey, especially when you’re feeding an entire crew! Dream Dinners helps to save money, which is a huge reason why it’s the best meal kit for families. When you stock your freezer with our prepped dinners each month, your family will save money on groceries, eating out, and food waste. When stacked up against grocery stores, restaurants, and other meal kits, Dream Dinners tends to be the most affordable option. For example, our popular Mushroom Swiss Bistro Burger has an average cost of $6.83 per plate. At a grocery store (we used the national chain Safeway as a reference), this item costs about $15.12. That’s more than double the price, not to mention a lot more work! At a restaurant (Red Robin, a national chain), this burger will cost you $11.99, and when ordered through another meal kit (Gobble), it will also cost you $11.99. Our meal kit is also less per serving than HelloFresh, Home Chef, and Blue Apron. If your family is looking to save money, Dream Dinners is the best option for you!

3. Saves the Most Time

Mom Taking Dream Dinners Out of the FridgeWhile other meal kits do save you time, you normally still spend at least an hour in the kitchen putting everything together. What these meal kits truly save you is a trip to the grocery store. Here at Dream Dinners, not only do we save you a trip to the grocery store, but we perfectly prep our dinners so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love. Other meal kits do all of the shopping and then leave you with the washing, chopping, and prepping. Not us; we do all of the shopping, washing, chopping, and prepping… So that you can do all of the enjoying! Our meals come ready-to-cook so that you can take the stress out of dinnertime and actually enjoy your meal with your family. On average, Dream Dinners saves our guests around 20 hours a month!

4. High Quality and Homemade

Dream Dinners Grilled Chicken Caesar SandwichesFamily is at the heart of everything we do at Dream Dinners, and that includes our food. Another reason our meal kit is the best choice for families is that our high-quality ingredients were chosen with families in mind. We don’t want to take away the warm feeling a homecooked meal provides the whole family, so we keep that warm, fuzzy feeling in mind when designing our menu! All of our nutritious meals are made from high-quality ingredients so that you can give your family the best. Our food values are straightforward; we are dedicated to bringing you and your family food that is simple, honest, and delicious. Dream Dinners will truly change the way you feed your family, granting you more time to gather around the table to enjoy your loved ones with the peace of mind of knowing they are eating delicious and nutritious food.

5. Variety, Galore!

Say goodbye to dinnertime fatigue and the days of wondering what you will put on the table each night. We have worked diligently to increase the size of our menu throughout the years, and with the help of our wonderful Chef Laura, we are consistently adding 3-5 new meals to our menu each month! With over 20 different options per month, you will never grow tired of having to eat the same meal twice. Each night will be a new culinary experience for your entire family. Whether it be global flavors, seasonal flavors, kids flavors, or Dream Dinners classics, your tastebuds will never grow tired of our delicious homemade meals.  

Now that you know why Dream Dinners is the best meal kit for families, what are you waiting for? Place your meal kit order today at!


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