Best-Selling Cookbook Author Bob Greene Shares Some Favorite Recipes With Dream Dinners

Starting in January, you can try recipes from a longtime friend of Oprah, renowned fitness expert and trainer, Bob Greene. In addition to authoring a number of New York Times Best Selling health, nutrition and fitness books, Greene has a website,, which helps subscribers track calories and maintain a fitness routine tailored to their weight loss goals. His newest title The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, and be Happy will be released January 2011.

“The problem for most people is that eating healthy in the New Year usually equates to lots of extra time reading labels and meal planning, and they fall off of the weight loss wagon by March,” says Stephanie Allen, Dream Dinners President and co-founder. “Bob’s recipes, like many at Dream Dinners, make it easier to eat better on a regular basis without the hassles. We just print out the calories per serving so our guests can type them into and match them to their fitness goals.”

To kick off the New Year with healthy resolutions in mind, we will feature two of Greene’s recipes, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Mediterranean Salmon on January and February menus respectively. As part of the two-month partnership, we will also offer our guests a special discounted annual rate to try Greene’s fitness plans at

“To try a recipe from a renowned chef can be intimidating, but at our locations nationwide, we’re taking all the prep work out of cooking like the pros,” commented Tina Kuna, Dream Dinners President and co-founder. “We’re thrilled to team up with these two respected chefs in the coming months and look forward to many more partnerships to give our customers exciting new selections.”