Blast off Your 4th of July with Food and Décor Ideas

Taste of AmericaTake a look at super simple and in some cases, no cost ideas at Good Housekeeping.  They have 14 slides of decorating ideas for your next 4th of July party. Slide 11 – Look at what you can do with a simple cup to hold your watermelon slices!  And to add simple elegance, toss some crumbles of cool blue cheese to pair with this list of Dream Dinners holiday entrees and sides.

From our June menu items, take out the:

St. Louis Smokehouse Ribs are so easy to heat up on the barbecue and cover them in your favorite sauce. These ribs have ranked on our Top 10 list for all-time Dream Dinners customer favorites since the beginning.

Firecracker Beef Sliders are perfect to hold onto, walk and talk with friends at a potluck or barbecue. They are juicy, moist and packed with the love of a traditional American icon-the burger.

Grilled Chili Lime Scallops round out a surf-n-turf menu for the holiday that is savory and delicious and gives you the bright taste of summer.

Complete your party meal with our Finishing Touch Garlic Asparagus Spears, Seasoned Steak Fries and Luscious Lemon Bars. Then just slice some watermelon and drop the chunks into cups with a stars and stripes sticker.  Voila!  You are set to enjoy the 4th of July gala with the best food in town!