“…but Doc, I don’t add salt to my food!”

It is countless the number of times that I hear this or a similar response from patients when the topics of “low salt” or “heart healthy” diets arise during an office visit. The most common medical disease we associate with high dietary sodium intake is definitely hypertension and its been proven in studies that appropriate sodium restriction can reduce systolic blood pressure readings by an average of almost 11 points over time. So it comes as no surprise that the FDA announced this week that they are considering changing the guidelines and recommendations regarding sodium content in food products.

As you can imagine, the Dream Dinners program is right on track in monitoring and planning for meals that can be prepared to fit a heart healthy lifestyle. In fact, the biggest items that people misuse in meal preparation are the “hidden salts” (condiments and spices).  So, isn’t it appropriate that the meal prep involved in Dream Dinners can take the guesswork out of seasoning meals and also teach folks the basics of meal prep that will last a lifetime?

Danny W. Felty, M.D., FAAFP, CMD

Dr. Felty is a board certified family physician practicing in Richmond, Virginia. He is recognized as an AAFP Fellow and an AMDA Certified Medical Director. As a professional consultant for HCA Hospitals’ Healthy Aging Initiative, he serves as a medical director/consultant for numerous organizations in central Virginia including one of Virginia’s only medically certified health clubs. He is married with 2 children and his interests include church, wellness, and music.