Camp Out with our Canadian Bacon Friend

Sun. Fun. Take. Bake. Or toast over a campfire. Whether you head to the lake, the beach, or the wilderness, wherever your plans take you this year, there is one sandwich that needs to ride shotgun. Why? Because it’s perfect!  Perfect for breakfast.  Perfect for brunch. Perfect for lunch or dinner.  And, because there is nothing else like it on the planet in terms of ingredients, you look like a rockstar compared to those chain sandwich shops.

You can bake this in an oven, or on the grill, which is something that we don’t often talk about-but its true. The flavor is fantastic. We’re talking about the Canadian Bacon Stuffed French Bread.  Friend to all travelers and easy to pack and go.  Watch co-founder, Stephanie Allen’s quick video tip on cooking out with your best Canadian bacon sandwich buddy.  Don’t leave home without it!

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