Camping with Dream Dinners

Camping trips are a breeze with Dream Dinners! With the Taste of America menu in July, yours can be too. Use them frozen in addition to your ice in the cooler and as they thaw, dinner is ready to cook. Easy, less mess, all ready assembled means more time for smore’s and less time washing.

Take the Memphis Flank Steak, Buffalo Ranch Chicken, and New Orleans Jambalaya out of the freezer right into your cooler. All your ingredients are packed for 3 delicious camping dinners.

  • The Buffalo Ranch Chicken makes a great burger when you grill it and serve it on a bun.
  • The New Orleans Jambalaya is ready in a disposable pan and you can make it on a grill or camp stove in the pan.
  • The Memphis Flank Steak is all ready seasoned and ready to grill and slice.

Spending time at the lake, cabin, condo or even the beach can be more fun and relaxing when deciding what to eat isn’t a problem. Plus, saving money and the variety of food you can bring makes it even better.

Make going on vacation even easier with meals from Dream Dinners.

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