What’s Hot this Summer: Staying Cool!

Wherever you live in the US, chances are your city has already been hit with a heatwave, or two! It’s a hot one, friends. And if you live in an area that has high humidity on top of the high temperatures? Woof. So without further ado, here are some Dream Dinners approved methods to keep…

Love is in the Air…and Around the Dinner Table!

February is the month that, thanks to Valentine’s Day, is synonymous with love, affection, and date nights. Although there are differing opinions about this holiday, even those of you who believe that Valentine’s Day is a frivolity created by greeting card companies can agree on this: it never hurts to show a little extra love…

‘Tis the Season to Give Family Dinners

At Dream Dinners, we want to help make your holiday gift-giving a little bit easier! We’ve come up with some creative ways to give the gift of Dream Dinners this holiday, so you can check gift giving off your to-do list.

Why Do We Love Family Meals? Let Us Count the Ways

This month we’re celebrating family meals with our 30 Days of Dinner Challenge, where we encourage you to commit to 30 consecutive days of having dinner as a family. We 100% get that this is no small feat! With Fall sports in full force and the start of the school year still not far behind…

Fall Sports Season Doesn’t Have to be Takeout and Fast Food Season!

You’ve got your portable stadium seat, gear in your local team’s colors, a thermos ready to fill with hot cocoa for the outdoor games, and cough drops for when you’ve cheered for just a bit too long – you’re ready for Fall sports season! Now, before you start running through the list of fast food…

The Power of the Dinner Table

If Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Amazon mogul, can find time to eat with his family, we’re thinking there’s really nothing holding us back from doing the same. We are all making a pact here at Dream Dinners to slow down in 2019. Sure, it’s easy to pack granola bars for breakfast in the car or…

4th of July Entertaining

It’s officially last minute. 4th of July is less than a week away and if you’re planning to attend an Independence Day event, showing up empty handed is usually not an option— this is a great weekend to bring your Dream Dinners along.

Going Somewhere?

If you’re going on vacation this summer, dining is often the most expensive and time consuming piece— don’t let the stress of meal planning and reservations lead to expensive dinners that can limit your fun. Whether you’re flying to a faraway and exotic location, visiting a secluded family cabin in the woods or simply going…

March #DinnerEffect

A big thank you to all those who took the time to share their stories with us over the past six months. Reading your stories wowed us, made us laugh and cry but most importantly we felt joy for each and everyone of our guests who have found a solution to their dinnertime dilemma.

February #DinnerEffect

It’s time to announce another #DinnerEffect winner and the latest recipient of a $75 gift card.

January #DinnerEffect

We have been rewarding one guest each month since October who has shared their Dream Dinners story with us through our #DinnerEffect contest with a $75 gift card. After three months and three winners, we are still wowed by each of your stories and are excited to announce our first winner of 2016.