Celebrating a Graduation this Year?

Here’s how to make it special!

If you’re throwing a graduation party, be free to make it unique to your graduate.

Celebrate their way.
If they don’t like crowds and shy away from too much attention, make the guest list small and let them open their gifts personally with the giver.

graduation-now-and-thenBut, if they like to be the center of attention, invite all their friends and let them take center stage! Set up a time to publicly praise your graduate and let others have a chance to affirm them too.

Show off their ‘then’ and ‘now.’


Consider what speaks most to your graduate and spend your extra efforts there.

Do they light up with ‘Words of Encouragement?’ Buy a keepsake book for everyone to sign like Dr. Seuss,’ Oh the Places You’ll Go.

Do they love good music? Create a fun playlist of their favorite tunes.

Do they love to be active? Organize some games or rent a dunk tank.


graduation-kids-say-cute-thnings-boardCelebrate their accomplishments.

Set out their trophies, awards, and special projects from over the years. Display their art!
graduation gameCelebrate their life with pictures.
You can be simple and set out snapshots or go elaborate and make a movie using Movie Maker.

Or, buy a photo frame and upload with your favorite pictures of your graduate, then let it scroll throughout the party.

Everyone will love it and your graduate will feel special!



You can find great party favors at the dollar store.
Turn plain white napkins into ‘diplomas’ by tying them with black, ‘Class of 2014’ ribbon.

Serve your graduate’s favorite food.
Make it easy on yourself so you can enjoy the party too. Enlist your helpers, make items ahead

Happy graduation season, and enjoy your special graduate!