Chilled Pasta for Hot Summer Nights

Some of our Dream Dinners are perfect for those nights when it is just to hot to cook. Here is a great way to serve Penne with Chicken and Peanut Sauce for lunch or dinner on a hot summer night. Watch Stephanie show you how in this video…

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  1. Kelly Haigh says:

    Are there any gluten free alternatives?

    1. Kelly,
      The health and safety of guests and their families is of the utmost importance to Dream Dinners. We work hard to address the concerns of those with food allergies and other health issues, however, we must ultimately leave it up to our guests to determine whether Dream Dinners meals and the environment in which they are prepared are appropriate in light of their specific dietary concerns.

      Because food products supplied by Sysco can change, helping guests with food restrictions is challenging. A food ingredient considered safe today may not be safe when a new shipment arrives (with the identical SUPC code) because the food manufacturer changed their formula or another supplier is used by Sysco for that ingredient. Another problem is the possibility of cross contamination during set up or by other customers at the stations.

      Store owners/managers may assist those requesting a gluten-free menu by reviewing recipe ingredients with guests or providing the packaging labels of ingredients for their review. If stores have large numbers of guests requesting gluten-free, it may be worth the effort to organize ingredient labels by recipe (as soon as feasible the month before) so guests can determine which recipes work for their family prior to placing their orders. This system also allows individuals with other food restrictions to utilize the same information to make their menu choices.

      Given the close proximity of our food stations, the potential for change in our food ingredients and the number of “hidden” sources of gluten in food products, it would be difficult for us to guarantee that a particular recipe was “gluten-free” but by making the necessary information available for our guests we provide a service that enables them to decide if a menu item is right for them.

      We would recommend contacting your local store and talk to them about your needs and find out if they can help. Thanks so much for your inquiry.

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