December #DinnerEffect

Since October, we have been rewarding one guest a month who has shared their Dream Dinners story with us through our #DinnerEffect contest with a $75 gift card. After three months and three winners, we are still wowed by each of your stories.

These four families are just a few of the many submission we received for our December #DinnerEffect contest — thank you for taking the time to share your Dream Dinners experiences.

You can enter for your chance to win by sharing your story, for more information please visit our #DinnerEffect contest page. (Currently accepting for January.)

Anh A. — Lake Forest, CA (December Contest Winner)
December WinnerI’m a huge promoter of Dream Dinners because I want the whole world to be in on the “secret” to changing lifestyles! I used to prep to cook by creating a recipe binder with tear out pages from magazines, downloading recipe apps, or bookmarking web pages. Basically, my recipes were EVERYWHERE. It took so much time to select which recipes I’d make throughout the week, grocery shop, prep, and cook! Dream Dinners has now allowed me to save time, energy, sanity, and best of all, MONEY. I have saved up to $200 a month since starting a little over a year ago. With 3 growing and hungry boys, this is pretty huge. At Dream Dinners, it takes me less than an hour to prep a whole month’s worth of dinners, plus select my meals for the next month. It takes me even LESS time to cook my meals for dinner! Not only that, my kids have now become my sous chefs since the meals are so easy to make. Quality time with my boys and having them learn life skills…sounds like a WIN, WIN to me. We have never been disappointed with a meal. They are always healthy, hearty, and delicious. The icing on the cake is their bonus incentive, with the PLATEPOINTS program. I have earned dinner dollars that have provided me with free sides and sweets and even additional 6-serving meals! I am now a proud Station Chef rocking my new green apron with the biggest smile! Thank you, Dream Dinners!

Carol R. — North Colorado Springs, CO
We have been creating our dinners with Dream Dinners for over ten+ years now. And we would not know what to do without these delicious dinners! We are just a family of 3 (sometimes 4 with a visiting brother) adults but the utter convenience of using these dinners has become ingrained in our family routine. My husband and I have been married for 47 years and I admit, wholeheartedly that I AM JUST PLAIN TIRED OF ‘CREATING’ GOOD, HEALTHY DINNERS! We are always on-the-go and frankly I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE PRECIOUS TIME TRYING TO THINK OF NEW MEALS CONTINUOUSLY! I just love knowing that the Dream Dinners we prepare each month are DIFFERENT, HEALTHY and QUICK! Our daughter who lives with us is a school teacher so she always has school functions to attend and needs to ‘eat-and-run’. The convenience of having a great, nutritious, quick dinner has become our ‘norm’ and we LOVE IT. The weekly grocery shopping has become so much more enjoyable because we need almost nothing extra for our dinners. No messy cleanups either since so many of the dinners are one-pan easy – so we have more family time. Using dream dinners has become our norm and I cannot even remember NOT using them and I certainly cannot imagine EVER STOPPING our monthly sessions because they are just so easy. We love preparing the dinners and the staff has become our friends that we love to visit! LOVE DREAM DINNERS!

Robin B. — Oregon
Dream Dinners was the biggest blessing ever when our son was born with an extremely rare heart defect. People would want to bring a meal to us at the Ronald McDonald house but the schedule with the ups and downs of our sons condition never led to a formal sign up sheet. Instead we had people volunteer to make us freezer dinners through Dream Dinners. It was so nice to be able to sit down for a meal after a long day at the hospital. Many times we would be able to invite a couple that also had child in the NICU to eat with us because the meals fed at least four adults. Normally when a church puts together meals you get a ton of casseroles and dishes that you need to keep track of so they go to the rightful owner. With Dream Dinners we were able to have such a variety of meals and with the ziplock bags there were no dishes to return. Our son had open heart surgery at 6.5 weeks old and the recovery was extensive. People felt like they needed to do something for us that was tangible. I know a few of my really close friends went together and had a girls night out to assemble dinners for my little family. They enjoyed their time and we loved our dinners! And our son is doing so much better.

Victoria G. — Tustin, CA
We are a blended family with 2 teens and a preschooler. We only have about 3.5 hours durning the week in the evening. There is always lots of homework to tackle and a little one to keep entertained all the while trying to get a good meal on the table in the time alloted. Before Dream Dinners it was a mad rush, we barely got everything done and did not get any family fun time. No one was happy. We now have more time to get everything done and so much less prep time for meals (which is great for me as I work full time too.) Finding Dream Dinners has been a life saver and has given us back family fun time.

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