Diabetes: A taboo subject during the holidays

Not many people want to talk about diabetes during the holidays. This is likely because we have enough stress in our lives without having to worrying about blood sugars or maybe it is because food plays such a central role in activities this time of year. Most people do not realize that keeping blood sugars on target helps you have more energy and feel better – it may even improve your mood.  Here are some ideas you may find helpful if you have made a commitment to keeping your blood sugars under control this holiday season.

  • Participate in holiday events that center around “activity” rather than “food” – take a walking Christmas light tour, do some cross country skiing, power walk at the mall or go caroling.
  • Work your holiday meals into your carb budget. Tell yourself that you can either have stuffing, and potatoes or a piece of pie, or, I can have yams and mashed potatoes but not a roll too.  Another approach is simply taking less of each.
  • Enjoy the food you are eating. Take time to taste and enjoy food by slowing down how quickly you eat. Eating slowly also reduces the risk of over-eating which can help with blood sugar and weight management.
  • Drink lots of water (the original zero calorie beverage) and limit alcohol. Most drinks have more calories than most people realize and many drinks contain sugar (a double whammy for your blood sugars).
  • Remember to keep up your physical activity during the holiday season – it does wonders for your blood sugars, mood and overall health.

Using these simple, easy-to-do tips will help you keep your weight and your blood sugars under control this holiday season and beyond.