Dinner Olympics 2021: Olympic-Themed Dinner Ideas

Olympic Themed Dinner Party Ideas that Deserve a Trophy

Whether you’re watching the Olympics with family or having some friends over to celebrate the games, these Olympic-themed dinner party ideas will have the entire crowd cheering. Have a low-key family night with a bit of friendly competition and a delicious Olympic-inspired dinner. Go all out and host an Olympic-themed dinner party with lots of friends, family, games, decorations, and tasty treats. Invite a couple friends over to watch the opening ceremonies. At the same time, you sip on Olympic-inspired cocktails and savor Olympic-themed dishes. However you decide to celebrate, we’ve put together all the ideas you need to have a successful dinner Olympics!

Olympic Themed Dinner Ideas

Olympian Pizza

How does one make an Olympic-themed pizza? By turning the toppings into an Olympic symbol! The Olympic mark consists of five interlaced rings representing the five continents that compete in the games. Turn these into pizza toppings to represent the world’s competitors on your dinner! Use Blue Cheese or Blue tomatoes (blue ring), black olives (black ring), pepperoni (red ring), pineapple (yellow ring), and avocado (green ring) to create interlocking rings on top of your pizza. Order our Summer Grilled Traditional Pizza, toss on the Olympic toppings, and watch the crowd go wild. We think this pizza is worthy of a gold medal!

Japanese-Style Yakisoba Noodle Bowl

Celebrate the Olympics being in Tokyo this year with a Japanese-style dish. Our Chicken Yakisoba Noodle Bowl is the perfect dish to slurp on while you watch the opening ceremonies. Shredded carrots and cabbage give a crunch to this sweet and spicy yakisoba noodle bowl, topped with tender pieces of chicken. Serve this dish with melon soda, one of the most popular soft drinks in Japan.

Lucky Dragon Pork Tenderloin with Szechuan Green Beans

Add some more global flavors to your dinner Olympics party to represent the competitors. Our Lucky Dragon Pork Tenderloin with Szechuan Green Beans is the perfect Chinese-inspired dish to add to your Olympic menu. Tender pork tenderloin is roasted in a sweet and savory sauce and Szechuan Green Beans, all topped with chopped peanuts.

Red, White, & Blue Burger

Cheer on the United States in the Olympics this year with some America-themed burgers. Grill up some juicy patties and throw the colors of the American flag on as toppings! For red, use slices of tomato to add some freshness to your patty. For white, grill up some white onion and place it on top of the tomato. Next, pile the burger with crumbles of blue cheese to represent blue. Add festive condiments of your choice and enjoy your Red, White, & Blue Burgers while you cheer on your home team!

Cubano Chicken with Black Beans and Rice

Represent Cuba at your Olympic-themed dinner party with this Dream Dinners global flavor. Cuban-inspired chicken is served in a bright citrus sauce with black beans and rice side and finished with a charred orange squeeze. Adding this dish to your Olympic-themed dinner party will keep the party global and festive by representing even more competitors.

Italian Chicken Marinara

Represent Italy at your Olympic-themed dinner this year with our Outlaw Chicken Marinara. Breaded Chicken patties are layered in Italian seasoned marinara sauce and topped with a blend of three kinds of cheese. Serve this dish with Italian wine, possibly a Chianti Classico, to capture the flavors of Italy for your global party.

Olympic Themed Desserts

It’s not a dinner party without some mouth-watering desserts! Try making these Olympic-themed desserts this year to wow your family or dinner party guests.

Red, White, & Blue Fruit Cups

Represent America with this cute and straightforward dessert dish! Place strawberries and blueberries in tiny bowls and top them off with a dollop of whipped cream. This dish is easy, delicious, and will boast all the colors of the American Flag!

Olympic Flame Cones

Another easy and delicious Olympic-themed dessert, Olympic flame cones, is an excellent representation of the equally delightful torch. Simply top ice cream cones with orange sorbet for a simple and easy post-dinner treat.

Gold Medal Cookies

Watching the Olympics with your family or having kids over for the games? We are confident they will love these fun and easy gold medal cookies. To create these, use any cookie of your choice combined with fruit by the foot. The fruit by the foot will be the necklace attached to the gold medal cookie! These are equally delicious as they are fun.

America’s Cherry Crumble Blossoms

Top our Cherry Crumble Blossoms with a dollop of whipped cream and blueberries to create another American-flag-inspired dessert for the Olympics this year. These fully baked pastries come with cherries and oatmeal crumble topping. Take them straight from the freezer to the oven for easy serving.

Olympic Ring Cookies

For a dessert that uses the Olympic symbols, try baking some Olympic Ring Cookies. Bake your cookie of choice, top with frosting, and place 5 M&M’s on top of each cookie to symbolize each ring. While there is no black M&M, the brown M&M is very dark and will work great to represent the black ring on your Olympic cookies!

Olympic Themed Cocktails

Tokyo Tea

If you’re looking for something to sip on during the Tokyo Olympics, look no further than a Tokyo Tea Cocktail! This drink is similar to a long island iced tea with a Tokyo spin. Combine rum, tequila, vodka, melon liquor, sweet and sour mix, and club soda to make this festive dinner-party drink.

The Olympic Torch

Grab a champagne glass and serve up the Olympic torch at your dinner party this year. Combine ½ ounce of tequila with 1 ounce of Orange Juice and 2 Ounces of Brut Champagne. Top with an orange twist to complete this drink that resembles the Olympic torch!

Argentina Cocktail

Represent Argentina with this delicious cocktail. Combine ½ oz cognac, ½ oz Cointreau, 1 oz orange curacao, 1 oz fresh strawberry juice, 1 oz fresh orange juice, and 1 oz cream, shake and pour into a short glass with no ice. Slice a strawberry and place it on the rim of the glass to make this gorgeous drink.

China Gimlet

Use Chinese 5 spice syrup for this Olympic cocktail. The Chinese 5 spice syrup comprises star anise, fennel, Szechuan peppercorns, cinnamon, and cloves. Combine this syrup with 1 oz of vodka and 1 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice. Add a tablespoon of soy sauce to finish off the cocktail. Be ready to impress your dinner guests with this one!

Watermelon Lemonade (NON-ALCOHOLIC)

Serve up this mocktail so the entire family can enjoy a fun Olympic-themed drink! This recipe is perfect with the 2021 Olympics taking place during some of our hottest summer days. Cut watermelons in half and hollow them out, putting the insides into a blender. Combine what’s in the blender with lemon juice, sugar, puree, and soda. Throw some ice into the watermelon hollow, add your lemonade mixture, throw in a straw and enjoy straight from the watermelon! This is a drink the kids will love. To make it Olympic, top with blueberries to add in more colors of the American Flag.

Olympic Themed Games

Turn the Olympics into a fun family night with these Olympic-themed games!

Noodle Race

All you need for this family-friendly game is a pool noodle and a frisbee. Provide each contestant with said materials and have them race to the finish line! The frisbee must stay on top of the pool noodle for the duration of the race to win!

Balance Beam

Head into the living room for this fun DIY Balance Beam game the entire family can play. Mimick the balance beam by setting a straight line of tape on the floor. Have each member of the family balance a book on their heads while they stay on the course of the “beam.” See who can walk back and forth on the beam the most times! Every time they make it across, they receive 5 points. If the book falls off their head, it times up, and they can no longer receive any more points.

Plate Toss

For this DIY Olympic game, mark 5 paper plates with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Place these paper plates on one side of the room and bring the family to the other side of the room. Each player will take turns tossing an unmarked paper plate towards the marked paper plates, trying to land it as closely as possible. If a player’s paper plate lands on one marked, they receive the number of points found on the plate. Each family member should toss 5 times. Total the points at the end, and the player with the most points is the winner!


Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, these Olympic party ideas are sure to level up your celebration. Make sure to place a July order so you have all the Olympic dinners you need for your party! Spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the Olympics with our easy, prepped dinners that are perfect for an Olympic-themed dinner party.