Do Your Children Know They’re Special?

Taking time to make your children feel important and loved can be, well, tough. Working and raising a family along with the million and one things on the to-do list can be so stressful, we sometimes forget what’s really vital in life.

Magz Parmenter, a writer for the Blissfully Domestic blog, offers 5 easy ways to show your love to your kids. Give Magz’s article a read and then choose one or two ideas to try right away. After all, our families are why we work so hard in the first place, right?

5 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special
Last week, my five year old daughter went into complete melt-down at the dinner table. Following an altercation with her younger sister over who should get the bigger piece of corn-on-the-cob, she was nearly hysterical and sobbed, “Daddy doesn’t think I’m special!” At the end of a tiring week in 1st grade and various extra-curricular activities, I knew this was her exhaustion speaking, but it still made me stop and think.

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