Dream Dinners helps improve my family life

“One of the things I like about Dream Dinners is how it has improved my family life. I come here with my husband, so that’s date night. We come over, prepare our meals then go and have dinner. And because he was involved in the preparation of the meal he is more likely to want to help me during the week. So, I definitely enjoy that. It was like you know in the movies, you always see that romantic scene where boy and girl are having a glass of wine and making the meal. Well, now I get that.”

“I don’t get the question “What’s for dinner?” anymore; it’s more like, open the freezer… why don’t we have this for dinner tonight?”

“It’s very easy now when I entertain, my friends wonder like, gosh you’re such a good cook, you’re like Julia Childs… they don’t know my secret.”

– Anna Christoferson