Dream Dinners in Orem, UT Scores with Sassy Scoops

The lovely ladies of Sassy Scoops, a website that blogs about Utah’s “tempting treats and fabulous finds,” recently checked out Orem Dream Dinners. We’re happy (but not surprised!) to report that their experience was fabulous.

The Sassy Scoops preview introduces readers to the idea of Dream Dinners, the review gets votes from some “Sassies” on their experiences, and Friday follow-up shares how it all came together for one mom of picky eaters, Carina. (In her words, “I have a houseful of whiny picky eaters who will cry if an artichoke heart comes within five miles of my home.”)

Read about Carina in the Friday follow-up post, which begins:

I’ve seen Dream Dinners while I was driving around town and I always wondered how it worked. When Danielle and Jean invited me to come in, I couldn’t help but say yes.

We were invited to assemble three meals and live the life of a Dream Dinners client for one week. The store had a bunch of stainless steel stations set up with the ingredients for a particular meal. You simply make an appointment and come in to assemble the number of meals you want. I’d recommend going with a few friends because it’s actually fun to assemble meals together.

See full article here.

Be sure to see Sassy Scoops Dream Dinner Preview and Sassy Scoops Dream Dinner Review, too. And many thanks to the Sassies themselves!

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