Dream Dinners Makes it Easy to Fight Hunger

Choose the Dream Dinners Foundation Meal of the Month for your next session

Dream Dinners is making it easier than ever to join in the fight against hunger and food insecurity, in your own backyard and abroad, by simply making a homemade made easy meal for your family.

When you choose your meals for your next Dream Dinners session, make sure you check out the Living the Dream Meal of the Month. A dollar from each Living the Dream meal sold will be donated to the Living the Dream Foundation.

When you choose the Living the Dream meal of the month, everyone benefits. You’ll not only enjoy a delicious meal with your family, but you’ll help us make a measurable difference and fight food insecurity locally and globally.

As the non-profit arm of Dream Dinners, The Foundation developed out of a deep commitment to serve the local communities where Dream Dinners stores are located, by providing opportunities through acts of service. Additionally, the Foundation functions as the heart and funding source of Fight Against Hunger meal packaging events.

In 2016, The Living the Dream Foundation was able to:

  • Organize meal packaging events in six U.S. cities, and several communities in Tanzania and Haiti
  • Pack approximately 440,000 meals
  • Deliver more than 135,000 meals to food banks in the U.S.
  • Deliver more than 300,000 meals abroad
  • Raise more than $100,000
  • Engage 3,500 volunteers

Dream Dinners’ mission is to grow great kids. With the Living the Dream Foundation and your help, we can develop great leaders who value compassion, service, and work to love their neighbors as themselves.