Dream Dinners Tri City Center to provide dinners for the family of slain bus driver

The story began with Vitalia, ( A Dream Dinners customer and neighbor of Misty Kester), she wanted to do a fundraiser for her family.  A mutual friend, Kati, did a benefit concert and donate the proceeds, but wanted to do more.  Vitalia contacted our Dream Dinners Tri City Center store and set up the fundraiser.

Kati contacted the local papers.  Calls came in, people stopped by, and customers made an additional meal.  Dream Dinners Tri City Center offered to donate credits to Misty, so she could come in and make meals for her family. Misty has certain dietary restrictions and Dream Dinners was able to meet her needs and the needs of her five children with kid friendly meals.

The in-store event was  held Aug. 5 – Aug. 7, however the fundraiser will continue through August for anyone who is moved to help the Kester family. Future donations will be entered into the Kester food bank at Dream Dinners.  Dream Dinners Tri City Center will match donations.

The fundraiser has gained support from businesses and individuals throughout the community.  To date, over 20 Dream Dinners have been donated to Misty’s family.

“We are pleased to be a part of this fundraiser and are thankful that so many in our community are willing to help a neighboring family enduring such a tragedy.”

-Rebecca Mugiishi, owner of the Redlands, CA Dream Dinners